Wednesday, 17 December 2014

UK Christmas Subscription Box gift ideas

uk subscription boxes christmas

Whether you’re looking to give the gift of something a little different this year, or looking for the gift that keeps on giving the whole year through, subscription boxes are a great Christmas gift idea. Be it a one off taster box, a few months or a whole year, there’s a subscription box service out there for everyone. 

I love subscription boxes, there’s just something so exciting about getting a little box of wonder delivered to your doorstep every month - and I’m addicted to watching unboxing videos on YouTube! If you’re looking to give yourself  a little gift this year then a subscription box is the way to go!

From beauty to booze, coffee to crafts, here’s just a few of my top picks of Christmas subscription boxes!

Not another bill £24per month

Not Another Bill isn’t your average subscription box, working with multiple designers, they aim to make your letter box unbelievably exciting. Every month they’ll send you a unique gift, some of their past ones including designer stationary sets, jewellery, winter gloves, art work and scarves and Scandinavian kitchen ware. You’re guaranteed something different and interesting every month!

Graze £3.99per box

I’ve been subscribing to Graze for years and I couldn’t imagine going without this little box of delicious-ness! Perfect for the foodie in your life who wants to snack guilt-free. Be it a weekly box you can use for work snacks, or a monthly box you can munch on as a treat, from brownies to high tea, nut mixes, dried fruits and beef jerky, there’s something to tickle every tastebud. And if there’s something you really don’t like (like olives - yuck!) you can ‘bin’ them and they’ll never put them through your letter box!

Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club £9.95per month

Just thinking about this makes my mouth water! A box of luxury chocolates dropped through your letter box every month? Gluttonous luxury at it’s best, choose from milk, dark, alcoholic liquors, rare cocoa blends or a mixture of the lot, there’s a box for every sweet tooth. The rare cocoa blends and alcoholic liquors are only available for delivery every 8 weeks, the milk, dark and mixture are available every 4 weeks. 

Degustabox £12.99per month

I’ve been seeing a lot of Degustabox reviews doing the rounds on the blog circuit over the last few months and I’m really liking what I’m seeing. A combination or new flavours, new brands and tasty treats mean you’ll get something new for your kitchen cupboard every month. What I’ve been loving about the box is it contains things I’ve wanted to try but never put in my shopping trolley. I’ve also seen a lot of people using the monthly box contents in recipes - encouraging you to utilise the boxes contents! This would be a great subscription gift for a student who has just moved out!

The Vegan Kind £10per month

For any Vegan friends and family in your life, The Vegan Kind is the perfect way to help them discover new, vegan friendly products. From food to beauty, there’s something new to discover every month. Now, I’m not a vegan myself but I love discovering healthy, environmentally friendly alternatives and many of the boxes you find in these boxes are just that. I’ve become more interested in organic and vegan beauty - so if anyone else you know has too, then this box will be a wonderful way for them to explore the world of vegan!

My Geek Box £14.99per month

For that gorgeous geek in your life, My Geek Box brings them a box of geek-robilia, from Sharknado mugs to zombie survival guides, Hobbit art cards, astronaut food and Back to the Future t-shirts! This box is just pure fun! I especially like that one month they even gave out a copy of World War Z

Bunches from £19.99per month

Who doesn’t love a fresh floral bouquet? Bunches, a family run company, offer a monthly subscription service offering just that! Beautifully picked and arranged flowers delivered straight to your door - imagine if you paired this subscription with the Hotel Chocolat subscription? Best gift ever doesn’t even cover it! This is guaranteed to put a smile on somebodies face every time a fresh new bouquet arrives - I know I wouldn’t stop smiling every time I looked at the fresh flowers!

Birchbox £10per month

No subscription box write up would be complete without throwing in one of the beauty box goliath's  and for me, Birchbox has always trumped Glossybox. It’s all down to personal taste, but Birchbox has always given me more products that actually get used instead if being relegated to the back of the beauty drawer. Perfect for that lady in your life who is always on the prowl for the next best product, they’ll discover new brands and rediscover old favourites, and they won’t stop thanking you for this awesome gift!

Do you subscribe to any of these boxes? Are there any you love that I’ve left off the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I loove my weekly graze boxes! Makes it so much easier to snack at work. I really like Pink Parcel as a sub service, it's like a beauty box but you get all your monthly girly needs too, it is the best! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Pink Parcel? I've heard of that one before, I'll have to check it out! Ooo I'd be lost without my graze box!

      Sarah :)

  2. I REALLY want the vegan box!

    I got my housemate a memebox for Christmas and I like it so much I want to keep it for myself.

    Corinne x

    1. I'm so intrigued by the vegan box too, so different! I still need to try the memebox, the unboxing posts I've seen look great, I'll have to get it at least once and see for myself!

      Sarah :)

  3. I would love someone to subscribe to one of these for me! Will certainly be checking out the Geek Box for my little sister's birthday though - thank you! Catching up on your blog ready for the NWBloggers meet up! :) x

    1. Let me know if you get one and what it's like! Can't wait for the meet, it's going to be fab! :D

      Sarah :)