Monday, 29 December 2014

Resolutions Round-Up 2014

new years resolutions

The end is near for 2014, so it’s only natural that we start looking back on the past year, seeing where we’ve been, how far we’ve come and start making plans for the year ahead. With that (and a mini-series of round-up posts) in mind, I thought now would be a good time to look back on my 2014 resolutions and see how well…or not so well I’ve done.

Deep breath. 


2014 | The to-do list

• Blog a minimum of 3 times a week

YES! First resolution I made of the year and I’d say I’ve nailed this one! More often than not I have put up a minimum of 3 blog posts a week - this routine has been working for me so I’m keen to keep it up! 

• Do 3 monthly blog challenges this year

2 out of 3 ain’t too bad in my opinion! I attempted this in April and September and almost completed them. I missed the odd day for both challenges but I’m still counting this one as a win! 

• Write 6 guest blog posts

Fail. I wrote one over on the lovely Rachael’s blog and a second over on Jackie’s blog. 2 out of 6….total fail!

• Film a YouTube video with Gingerjaxx

We filmed two. This and this! We had a right ol’ giggle but I’m still not sure I could do the whole solo-YouTube thing just yet! I loved doing the collabs, but going solo on camera isn’t high up on my to-do list right now! I’m counting this resolution as a success though! 

• Still be blogging this time in the New Year 2015

Hell yeah! Still blogging and still planning to keep on blogging through 2015. Success!

• Buy and organise my jewellery into a double sided hanging display

I finally found a double sided hanging jewellery display in November when I was on holiday in America! My Mr did buy me the most beautiful jewellery box for Christmas though so I’ll be using the hanging display for my costume pieces and the box for more precious ones! Success!

• Throw out a least half of the stuff I have in storage 

        This took months - and moving into my own place made this so much easier to do! I don’t even know how many weeks of wheelie bin collections I took over with the amount of rubbish I had! I’m also pretty sure I stocked an entire charity shop with all the clothes I threw out too - it felt, and still feels, great!

• Complete the Blogilates beginner calender
• Complete at least 3 Blogilates calenders

Fail. On both accounts. I’ve been a huge fan of Cassey and her Blogilates workouts for as long as I can remember and though I’ve worked through her videos here and there, I didn’t manage to finish the beginners calendar, and the one regular calendar I attempted in February went unfinished too. Fail.

Wow! On the whole I’m actually quite impressed with my little self. I was dreading doing this post, I really didn’t want to look back on the resolutions I made at the start of the year - usually I have a lot more fails than successes that’s for sure! 

With that success in mind it’s time to go ahead and start working on a resolutions to-do list for 2015! I’ve got a few ideas that I’ll be sharing with you soon! How did you do with your 2014 resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


  1. You set yourself loads of goals! I don't think I set any last year and this year I'm just having a couple!

    What are you doing in 2015?

    Corinne x

    1. You should have seen how many I used to set myself! I can't believe how few I set now lol!

      I think most of my 2015 goals will be blog based, I want to try and conquer a few from the 2014 list and push myself a hell of a lot more...stay tuned, a post is on its way hehe!

      Sarah :)

  2. That's awesome! I don't usually set goals... I will this year but they won't be anything too big. Hopefully things I will actually be able to accomplish lol have a great 2015!


    1. Whatever goal you set never tell yourself it's not big enough! If it's something you want to achieve then it's a big deal to you and you should just go for it and be proud of yourself when you accomplish it! Which I'm sure you will! :) Happy New Year!

      Sarah :)