Wednesday, 3 December 2014

OPI We Belong Together - Malaga Wine/RapiDry Duo Travel Exclusive

OPI Malaga Wine RapiDry review

One of the best things about travelling is getting to spend all your pre-flight time in the duty free! I always take along a little extra currency so I can splurge in the duty free!

I flew to Orlando from Manchester just over two weeks ago and they've set up a pretty fancy pants boutique nail bar in the middle of terminals 1 & 2. Called, The Cloud, the nail bar is open to cover passengers from the first flight of the day to the last, so you're covered whatever time you're flying. The offer traditional manicures, pedicures, cuticle work, hand massages and gel manicures. I opted for a traditional manicure with cuticle work, coming in at £25 for the 25 minute treatment.

Long story short, I loved my manicure, it was the first using nothing but OPI products I've ever had and loved the finishing look. Though my manicure was only standard (i.e not gel) it actually lasted for close to the full two weeks of the trip - impressive!

Wanting to re-create the look at home, I managed to pick up a travel exclusive duo set in Orlando International Airport (I did see this in Manchester Airport too but do not recall the price). We belong together contains a full sized bottle of the shade malaga wine which I thought would be perfect for Christmas, and a full sized bottle of RapiDry which I've been wanting to try forever. It was around $19 in the duty free store, roughly £12! Bargains!

OPI Malaga Wine RapiDry review

Malaga Wine is a very deep, almost blood red shade that is perfect for this time of year. It looks practically black in some lights and a lot like fresh blood in the day light (probably not the best shade seen as though I work with blood everyday! Oops!). The polish itself is pretty thick in consistency and quite easy to control. The brush is long and soft and the handle is very long, offering more control and stability when painting my opposite hand - I still managed to make a mess but painting nails is never as perfect as Pinterest!

OPI Malaga Wine RapiDry review

RapiDry is some sort of miracle product for the impatient girl on the go who hasn't got the time to let her nails dry au-natural before grabbing her brew and flying out the door. It's suppose to prevent smudges as your nails dry and provide a smooth, high-gloss finish. I had the spray version of this used on my nails in The Cloud nail bar and loved it.

I'll start by saying I love the colour of malaga wine, it's rich, deep and intoxicating. It goes on smoothly and two coats is more than enough for complete coverage. I love malaga wine.

OPI Malaga Wine RapiDry review
Under kitchen lighting it looks so bright!

I don't love RapiDry. There's a little instruction leaflet in the box which I followed to the letter - I left my nails much longer than advised to air dry before putting on the RapiDry too (I got distracted, no surprise there!). As soon as I started on one nail, I disliked the product. The nice clean tip of the brush looked like it had been dipped in the wrong pot of polish - I stopped and tap tested my nails, they where pretty dry, where was this coming from? I pushed forward, the tip getting redder with each nail - then one nail had a complete streak of nail varnish just removed. Just like that. Gone.

The RapiDry did dry quick and my nails do look shiny, but it stripped away layers of paint! The instructions tell you to leave your nails for 60 seconds after applying your polish before applying RapiDry...can you imagine the damage?? I think I'll opt for the RapiDry spray next time, or the drops, anything that doesn't involve a brush and see if that helps any! 

Is it just me? Did I do something wrong? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Oh man don't talk to me about nails drying. I'm the worst person for sitting still long enough. That rapidry seems rubbish.

    Florida photos please.

    Corinne x

    1. I don't think my nails have ever dried smudge or chip free! It's just impossible! The pictures are coming!! :)

      Sarah :)