Friday, 5 December 2014

Gift Guide for Her 2014

christmas gift guide for her 2014

If you’ve been around the blog for a while you’ll know just how much I love putting together gift guides for any and all seasons, but, now let’s be honest, when it comes to Christmas, gift guides explode online and you’re tripping over them all over your social media feeds.

Well, here’s another one for you! Grab a brew, sit back, relax and let the gift guiding begin!

The first in the series is a gift guide for all those special ladies in your life, from your BFF to your sister, mother, partner or that someone special you’re looking to find under the mistletoe this Christmas season.

1. Kate Spade Leather Gloves £105

I was eyeing these up on a recent trip to America and if I could have had 5 more minutes in the store  to ask if they had them in this black/tan combo they would have been an early present to myself! These gloves are so luxurious and, pardon the pun, they fit like a glove. I have pathetically small hands so I’ve never been able to own nice leather gloves - these would have been a dream come true, something they can use season after season. They’re timeless in both design and colour so are sure to win over that fashionista in your life.

2. Wreck This Journal - Keri Smith £8.99

Any book fan/notebook horder/creative/imaginative individual in your life would love to find this under the tree this year. This book literally bends the rules when it comes to what you can do with books. Every page gives you a new challenge involving the book, from smearing your dinner across the page to planting a page of the book itself in your neighbours garden! They’re ideal for anyone you know about to go on a trip, or someone who just needs something a little fun and creative to do in their spare time. Pair it with some coloured markers, stickers and stamps (yes, they will need stamps!) and let their imagination run wild!

3. Stackers Jewellery Boxes £6.99 - £40

These were an unbelievably big hit last year when I bought a set for my mum. The idea is, you can build your own jewellery box, from the size to the organisation, colour and height. My mum has a lot of charms for her bracelets so I opted for the leatherette section with lots of individually padded spaces, ideal for storing the charms safely and displaying them in an easy to see/find way. You can even buy removable sections that you can travel with, keeping your precious stones safe and sound on the journey. You know what would make this even more special? If you hid a little something in one of the compartments!

4. Lorus Ladies Rose Gold -Plated Watch £49.99

Let’s be honest, as much as we adore Michael Kors watches, not ever budget can stretch that far. This rose-gold plated watch from Lorus is pretty damn cute though if you ask me. I much prefer a leather strap when it comes to watches as my wrists are so thin. The face is simple, elegant and modern without looking cheap or tacky. This would make a great watch for both day and night - though with the leather strap being such a bright white, I’d be inclined to only bring it out for less messier occasions! 

5. Personalised Star Necklace £19.50

Personalised gifts are my all time favourite! I’m a sentimental old fool and if you can put my name or face on it - I want it! There’s something really special about a gift when it’s personal to both you and its recipient. These rose gold personalised star necklaces are absolutely divine, you can add multiple stars, charms and initials, making each one totally unique. Perfect for that star in your life! I also think the little presentation card they come on is cute to boot too!

6. Grow your own cocktail £13.50

I don’t know about you but I love a good cocktail and the thought of growing my own just gives me the giggles and really intrigues me. This would make the perfect gift for any green fingered (or wannabe) gal in your life who loves a cheeky tipple. There’s a few of these ‘grow your own’ kits around but this one is my favourite this year, pair it with some gardeners gloves and a funky knee board!

7. Vanilla Brûlée Tube of Treasures £15

One of The Body Shops festive fragrances this year is vanilla brûlée and I’m absolutely in love with this sweet treat. I have a bit of a sweet tooth and this stuff smells good enough to eat! Pamper that princess in your life by gifting her this tube of treasures, packed with everything she will need for a delightful home pamper after the party season is over!

8. Bare Minerals Main Attraction £43.12

I adore Bare Minerals, and I adore their gift sets even more. They’re easily some of the best value sets you can buy. Take this, the Main Attraction set, individually, the products would set you back £92!! So you’re getting a helluva bang for your buck here! The set includes a duo eye shadow, blush, mascara, eye liner and lipgloss, as well as their tapered blush brush. It’s everything someone could want for a striking look. Perfect for someone who is just starting to build their make-up collection, or a make-up lover in general.

9. Create your own floral fragrance £29.95

Fragrances are a very individual thing if you ask me, and unless you know exactly what fragrance someone wants, you should rarely gift them something random. This is where the create your own fragrance comes to the rescue. Not only can you give the gift of perfume, but you’re ensuring they’ll get the exact scent they want as they’ll get to make it themselves! This set comes with everything they’ll need to make and store their unique scent. If floral isn’t up their street, you can also purchase oriental and fresh kits. I know I’d have so much fun with this on Christmas day!

What will you be putting on your Christmas list this year? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. These are some really good ideas!
    Lovely post! c: x

    1. Thanks! I hope they help you out with your seasonal shopping! :)

      Sarah :)

  2. I'm so tempted to get a wreck this journal. They seem like so much fun, I watched Graveyardgirl do hers on YouTube :)

    Corinne x

    1. You'd have so much fun with one! I picked one up after seeing her videos too, but I've yet to complete mine! I really should dig it back out and get creative with it!

      Sarah :)