Friday, 7 November 2014

5 Face Masks for Oily Skin

best face mask for oily skin

It's finally starting to get all cold and frosty outside which means we're going to start spending more time indoors, and when I spend more time indoors, I spend more time pampering myself. Hey, winter nights can be pretty long and winter weather is harsh on our skin, so a little extra love can go a long way - and I'd rather be toasty indoors than frosty outdoors!

Now is the time of the face mask! Sure, I use them year round, but nowhere near as much as I do when this chilly season rolls in. The redder the end of my nose gets when I step outside, the more care and attention it needs when I'm inside, so I crack ouut the face masks, put on some fluffy socks and get the biggest mug for a brew I can find - who doesn't love a cosy night in?

When it comes to face masks for oily skin there are a few key things we need to look out for to get the most from our face masks! Example, clay based face masks are the bees knees for us oily skinned beauties, the clay helps to absorb excess oils and reduce sebum production. I also love kaolin, it's  a pretty snazzy ingredient that not only cleanses the skin, but absorbs all those excess oils without overly drying your skin - I find it's a little less drying than clay so if your oily/dry combination it shouldn't bother your dry patches too much!

Let's get on with this then shall we, I've rambled long enough! Here's a quick look at my 5 face masks for oily skin!

The Body Shop Ionic Clay Mask £13

Many a moon ago when I was a know-nothing-about-skin-care teen, I picked this up and it changed everything. The ionic clay mask is a clay based mask that aims to not only dry up excess oils, but to pull impurities out from the skin, so all that dirt and grime collecting in your pores just waiting to become a pimple - this drags that crap out kicking and screaming before it get's nasty. 

GlamGlow Super Mud £44.99

Don't look at the price tag on this one! Eek! It's a put it on your Christmas list one that's for sure, but it's well worth it if you ask me! This tackles every skin woe youu could imagine and then some! Tightens pores, mops up excess oil, soothes redness and razor burns (I know, crazy!), dries up white heads and gives your skin a moisture boost - once you've gone Glam you might never go back!

Lush Love Lettuce £6.50

I did a full review of this here, but in short, it's a super exfoliating little pot of power! It tackles all the usual oily skin woes and gives you skin a deep clean in the process. Yes, you will feel as though you've dumped your face in sand but it's worth it for the beautifully clear and soft skin that comes later!

Lush BB Seaweed £6.50

One of the first Lush fresh face masks I tried and loved! Seaweed is amazing for oily skin! It not only strengthens the skin, tightening pores and reducing fine lines, but it gives skin the kiss of life, revitilising it with a boost of freshness and surge of moisture. The mask also comes with a great big dollop of fresh Aloe, perfect for soothing breakouts and repairing winter weather damage!

Montage Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Clay Mask

No face mask list would be complete without one of these cheap as chips masks thrown in - but don't be fooled by the price, it will still work a treat on your skin. Ah, these masks take me back to the days of sleepovers and stretching your pocket money to cover a phone top up (when you used to have to buy a card!) Seaweed, kelp, kaolin, dead sea mud and aloe, it contains a little bit of everything from the above masks and will give your skin a nice little pick me up when payday is just that bit out of reach!

What face masks do you love? Tried any of the above? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I cannot fail the Montagne Jeunesse face masks as my skin always feels really refreshed after using them!

    I have oily to combination skin as well and find it hard not to look too shiny after using moisturising products. I have found that clay masks work wonders on my skin though without drying it out too much so I will definitely be trying out the Body Shop one!

    Lovely post

    1. They're brilliant aren't they? And for that price too! Bargains! The Body Shop clay mask is brilliant, I highly recommend it! If you try it out, let me know what you think!

      Sarah :)

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    1. Let me know how they work out for you!

      Sarah :)