Monday, 15 September 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ Review!

la roche posay effaclar duo review

As one of the first La Roche-Posay products I ever bought, I cannot believe I haven’t had a chat with you guys about it! You know me and La Roche, we’ve had a little love affair going on this year, what with their toner and targeted spot corrector becoming staples in my skincare routine, but it all started right here with this, the effeclar duo+ anti marks corrective cream.

The effaclar duo+ is an anti-blemish cream designed to target and treat oily, blemish prone skin. I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember and the downside to this is that I tend to suffer with more breakouts as the oil collects dirt, clogs the pores and causes spots – washing my face 20+ times a day is not an option and would be unbelievably bad for my skin! I’m always on the look out for anything and everything that will help my skin woes!

I picked up effacer duo+ after reading about a million recommendations online and Boots having an oh so purse friendly 3 for 2 offer on skin care. Generally, it retails for £15. This little tube has been clinically proven to improve and correct the appearance of blemishes, brown spots, unclog and improve the appearance of pores and control oily skin.

At first, I used this all over my face before moisturizing but after a few days I found little dry patches on my cheeks and temples. Not really what I was hoping for so I started to apply it topically to my t-zone, nose and chin, my main problem zones. Instantly I started to notice a difference, especially in how far through the day I could get before my skin started to get that oily glow about it. I used it twice a day and noticed first thing in the morning my skin seemed much less oily too.

la roche posay effaclar duo review

The cream itself is less of a cream and more of a serum if you ask me. It’s very thin and light in consistency and easily absorbed into the skin. It’s so thin and lightweight that I don’t have to worry about layering it under other products and make up. It has the faintest of fragrances, very light, barely there unless you put it right up your nostrils, so it’s great for sensitive skin. It’s paraban free too so it’s pretty gentle on the skin.

It’s been about 6 months now and 2 tubes later and I can safely say this little tube is a miracle and I’ve yet to look back! I’ve noticed a huge reduction in breakouts, in fact apart from stress and hormone related breakouts I have very very few! The pores on my nose, which have always been large and visible, appear tighter. It has reduced the brown spots/acne scars I have but don’t expect this to happen over night, it’s taken a few months for my brown spots/acne scars to start fading. It’s happening but it’s a slow process.

la roche posay effaclar duo review

The squeeze tube has a precise nozzle applicator so you’ll never force out too much product either! It does sound a little pricey at £15 but it does last, especially if you’re only using it as a targeted treatment.

I’ve been loving La Roche-Posay this year and I can’t wait to try out more from their line, do you have any ideas about what I should pick up next? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I wish I could find a staple skincare. I have things that work for a bit but then my skin goes rubbish again. I am currently sporting a spot that is so big that I'm going to name it and give it a job at Tesco.

    Corinne x

    1. That still happens to me, probably because I trial so many new ones but generally there are a few that I've stuck to and they seem to still be working *fingers crossed* though now I've said that watch them just STOP!

      Sarah :)