Tuesday, 16 September 2014

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum for oily skin

ESPA optimal skin proserum for oily skin

Using oil on oily skin sounds downright terrifying, I won’t lie. Having oily skin, I’ve always avoided anything oil or oil based as I’ve wanted to avoid that, ‘oh hey, I’ve just friend an egg on my face’ appearance. It’s not exactly a good look for me!

Hello, Espa Optimal Skin ProSerum, a nourishing treatment oil that uses active plant extracts to brighten, tighten, even and enhance skins tone and appearance. That’s a lot of promises from one little oil, and did I mention I’ve never been a big fan of facial oils?

I originally tried this out almost 3 months ago and can you believe I’m still using this little beauty? Talk about a product that makes you think twice! I’ve always avoided oil treatments and boy, have I been missing out!

The oil isn’t as thick in consistency as I would have imagined. I thought it was going to be like putting frying oil on my face but it wasn’t, it was surprisingly really thin, almost water like and absorbed instantly. I have only been using this of a night as, even though it’s absorbed, there is a lot of excess shine there and I wouldn’t want to go layering on a moisturizer on top. That being said, if you have really dry skin, its express hydration formula would be hugely beneficial!

I work this onto my face and neck in three stages after cleansing and using my targeted spot treatments. I start with a few drops warmed up on my finger tips and pat this gently across the top section of my face, so forehead, temples, nose and the tops of my cheeks. A few more drops and I repeat the process on the lower half of my face, so cheeks, chin and up towards the ears. Finally, I massage a couple of drops up my neck and across my collarbones. I find the motion and the scent so relaxing; it is perfect for the bedtime skin routine!  

As with all Espa products, the scent is strong, it’s a really heady scent that gets right up your nostrils, but I really like it. It has quite a musky, dark, scent to it, with just a hint of something citrus.

Since I started using the Optimal Skin ProSerum I have noticed my skin looks so much more awake first thing in the morning, even if I haven’t had the best nights sleep! My skin feels really soft and cheeks look plump! My skin looks so much more hydrated, this is the perfect little product to use after a night out if you really don’t want to look as bad as you might feel the next morning! (Trust me, I’ve shamefully been there and it worked a treat). The one downside, my skin has been a little more oilier than usual, but it’s nothing a little powder or a blotting paper can’t fix.

A 30ml bottle  retails for £48, but if you place an order on the Espa website here, for something a little cheaper, you can select a few sample sized products to try, and this one is on that list of samples to choose from. I’ve found that this stuff lasts a really really long time and a little goes such a long way!

It does claim to be for all skin types, though I think normal/dry would get the most benefit out of this, sensitive not so much as it’s pretty potent! As for oily, well, it’s not kept my oily skin in check but I have noticed some visible improvements to skin texture and appearance! No change to the breakouts/acne though!

Have you tried the Optimal Skin ProSerum, or can you recommend any other facial oils I need to rush off and try? Let me know in the comments below!

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