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Alma De Cuba, Early Bird Menu, Liverpool

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

Alma De Cuba is one of those places. You know the place. The place you’ve heard so much about and you keep saying you’ll go on over to check out but for some reason you just never seem to make it! Set inside the once St Peters Catholic Parish Church, this magnificent converted building is breathtaking and totally different to any other venue in the city! Not only is it the first church to bar conversion in the city, but the church itself had stood for almost 200 years before the bar folk came along! History much!

Bringing Cuban, Hispanic and Latin America themes and flavours, plus a good ol’ dose of scouse sprit, from its original feature alter to the antler inspired chandeliers, you won’t know where to look…until they bring out the food that is!

I headed along to finally check this place out when a very dear friend of mine announced she was leaving merry old England and going off on some European adventures until well into next year! *cries*. Celebrating and good-byes required a special kind of venue so we found ourselves in Alma De Cuba, we’ve both been wanting to go for so long!

We picked up their early bird menu, you can get 2 courses for £14.95, or 3 for £19.95, Monday – Friday 5pm till 7pm, and Sunday 6pm – 8pm. I really like set menus like this, they have to be pretty selective about what they put on there so I figure you’re going to get the good, yet slightly more affordable options from the a la carte menu.

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

For starters, I went for the crispy tempura cod fillet, with a sweet pea puree & crushed mint peas. I love tempura batter; it’s so light and crispy! Even though I despise mushy peas, pureed and crushed go down a treat (I’m weird, it’s ok). The mint peas were delicious and went so well with the cod, there was a generous dollop of tarter sauce on the side too, my favourite with fish! The cod was great; it is pretty hard to get cod wrong if you ask me!

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

When it came to the mains I didn’t want to eat nothing but fish, and chicken just wasn’t going to cut it so, predictably, I went for the grilled 100% prime beef burger with cheddar cheese, salad, black plum and tomato chili relish with a side of home made chips. If you ask me, you can really judge a place by its burgers, I mean if you’re putting a burger on the menu it has to be different, something special compared to every other burger out there! This was no exception, the burger was delicious, moist but without juices running all down my chin. There was a really strong herb and sun dried tomato taste and lots of char grilled flavouring which I love. The bun wasn’t brioche but it was soft and lightly grilled, the only downside was I forgot to ask for it without the cheese and there was a lot of it on there – lactose be damned I wolfed it down!

The relish was really different! I’ve never been a big relish girl but I’m pushing the boat out and trying! It wasn’t spicy at all but it certainly packed a flavour punch! It tasted amazing on both the burger and the chips!

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

We skipped dessert; we were so full from our mains! I did however; opt to accompany my meal with a non-alcoholic cocktail, paridiso, a blend of fresh passion fruit juice, peach puree, fresh raspberries and orange juice.

The meal was great, some really stand out flavours, but really what you’re heading to Alma De Cuba for is the venue itself, everyone who came up to the dining floor just sat in awe looking around at the building. It’s a different night out that’s for sure! Even if you’re not going to eat, you should at least pop in for a drink and a peek at this historical building! I’ve heard during the club hours they do a petal drop! I’d love to see that! They also have a gospel choir Sunday brunch that sounds so unique!

Have you been to Alma De Cuba? Know any other interesting eating locations in the city? Let me know in the comments below!

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