Thursday, 25 September 2014


Sometimes blog posts just don't happen.

And that's ok.

Today, is one of those days.
Tomorrow might be too.

I have good reasons.

I'll let you all know soon :)

Until next time,

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

5 Quotes to get you through a bad day!

quotes for a bad day

I collect quotes. I’m one of those people who find a real power in words, especially quotes. Be it from films, books, song lyrics, television, anywhere really. They stick in your head and every quote means something different to everyone.

When I’m having one of those days, I always flick through some of my favorite quotes until I can settle on one or two that just hit the nail on the head and instantly make me see a problem differently, or answer an inner question for me.  

Here’s a quick run down of 5 of my favorite go to quotes when I’m having a not so great day. Print the page, save them to your phone, commit them to memory, write them in sharpie up your arm (ok, maybe not sharpie). You might need them!

If you change nothing, nothing will change.

It always seems impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Always rise above the drama.

With those few words in your arsenal, you can take on anything the day throws at you.

What are some of your favourite quotes? Share them with me in the comments below!

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Alma De Cuba, Early Bird Menu, Liverpool

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

Alma De Cuba is one of those places. You know the place. The place you’ve heard so much about and you keep saying you’ll go on over to check out but for some reason you just never seem to make it! Set inside the once St Peters Catholic Parish Church, this magnificent converted building is breathtaking and totally different to any other venue in the city! Not only is it the first church to bar conversion in the city, but the church itself had stood for almost 200 years before the bar folk came along! History much!

Bringing Cuban, Hispanic and Latin America themes and flavours, plus a good ol’ dose of scouse sprit, from its original feature alter to the antler inspired chandeliers, you won’t know where to look…until they bring out the food that is!

I headed along to finally check this place out when a very dear friend of mine announced she was leaving merry old England and going off on some European adventures until well into next year! *cries*. Celebrating and good-byes required a special kind of venue so we found ourselves in Alma De Cuba, we’ve both been wanting to go for so long!

We picked up their early bird menu, you can get 2 courses for £14.95, or 3 for £19.95, Monday – Friday 5pm till 7pm, and Sunday 6pm – 8pm. I really like set menus like this, they have to be pretty selective about what they put on there so I figure you’re going to get the good, yet slightly more affordable options from the a la carte menu.

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

For starters, I went for the crispy tempura cod fillet, with a sweet pea puree & crushed mint peas. I love tempura batter; it’s so light and crispy! Even though I despise mushy peas, pureed and crushed go down a treat (I’m weird, it’s ok). The mint peas were delicious and went so well with the cod, there was a generous dollop of tarter sauce on the side too, my favourite with fish! The cod was great; it is pretty hard to get cod wrong if you ask me!

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

When it came to the mains I didn’t want to eat nothing but fish, and chicken just wasn’t going to cut it so, predictably, I went for the grilled 100% prime beef burger with cheddar cheese, salad, black plum and tomato chili relish with a side of home made chips. If you ask me, you can really judge a place by its burgers, I mean if you’re putting a burger on the menu it has to be different, something special compared to every other burger out there! This was no exception, the burger was delicious, moist but without juices running all down my chin. There was a really strong herb and sun dried tomato taste and lots of char grilled flavouring which I love. The bun wasn’t brioche but it was soft and lightly grilled, the only downside was I forgot to ask for it without the cheese and there was a lot of it on there – lactose be damned I wolfed it down!

The relish was really different! I’ve never been a big relish girl but I’m pushing the boat out and trying! It wasn’t spicy at all but it certainly packed a flavour punch! It tasted amazing on both the burger and the chips!

Alma De Cuba Liverpool early bird menu

We skipped dessert; we were so full from our mains! I did however; opt to accompany my meal with a non-alcoholic cocktail, paridiso, a blend of fresh passion fruit juice, peach puree, fresh raspberries and orange juice.

The meal was great, some really stand out flavours, but really what you’re heading to Alma De Cuba for is the venue itself, everyone who came up to the dining floor just sat in awe looking around at the building. It’s a different night out that’s for sure! Even if you’re not going to eat, you should at least pop in for a drink and a peek at this historical building! I’ve heard during the club hours they do a petal drop! I’d love to see that! They also have a gospel choir Sunday brunch that sounds so unique!

Have you been to Alma De Cuba? Know any other interesting eating locations in the city? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Monday, 22 September 2014

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival 2014

liverpool food & drink festival

This past weekend saw the Liverpool Food & Drink festival set up for their annual celebration of the finest local restaurants, bars, cafes and producers. Sefton Park becomes tent city and the smells drift out across the parks as master chefs and talented foodies set about to fill your bellies with some of their gastronomical indulgences. With over 60 restaurants and bars, and over 70 local producers, there is sure to be something for everyone and you’re bound (like I did) to try something new and amazing!

CAUTION! This post contains calories and drool inducing  pictures. Read on at your waistlines peril!

I bought my tickets last minute online the night before (you do get a discount if you pre-purchase online!) then headed down to the park bright and early on Sunday morning. Gates opened at 10.30am and we got there a little after that (after I accidentally got us lost! Oops!). I went along with my brother to see what was on offer!

First off, we did a sweep of the park...which took us an hour! I severely underestimated how many stalls there would be to check out! From food service to drinks and kitchenware demos, I had to stop at every single one and have a peek at the produce. The festival splits its food into zones; marketplace, street food, and wines & spirits being the main ones, but there was also a café area, kids zone, edible garden and lots of pop ups in between. They also had a number of the cities most popular chain restaurants set up selling their signature dishes! We had a little wander around, taking notes of what food took our fancy and what goodies we wanted to purchase along the way to take home. Once we got back to the start, it was time to start eating!

One thing I will say is getting there early had its perks; there was lots of free samples on offer earlier in the day! We easily made a meal or two from those alone! In order to try a few more dishes we decided we would split whatever we bought between us, so we would get a nice little taster and still have room for more! This also kept the cost down but most dishes, tapas sized, came in at less than £5 a portion!

liverpool food & drink festival

First up we grabbed ourselves an original sausage roll at Moon & Pea. There was nothing original about it! The pastry was thin but very light and the filling…wow! The sausage meat tasted great and was so filling! We didn’t mean to start off with something so stodgy but it was delicious!

liverpool food & drink festival

Next up, Piggie Smalls for a classic onion dog. We’d both heard great things about this joint and the creative names for some of the hot dogs gave us a giggle. Sadly, the food didn’t keep us smiling! The hot dog looks pretty good, the onions tasted great, but there was too much bread for my liking and the hot dog was really bland and tasteless. I imagine the dogs with more toppings on would have tasted a bit better but this was a let down for us.

liverpool food & drink festival

We found ourselves in the street food section next and headed to Chilli Banana for their satay sticks. We went for the chicken in peanut oil and they were delicious! Perfect portion for two to share and get a taste of what these guys had to offer! Their pad thai looked amazing too but that would have been a little difficult for us to share!

liverpool food & drink festival

Continuing with thai food, we found ourselves as the Thai Pies stand. We’d seen these guys on twitter and really liked the sound of their less than conservative pie filings. We went for the beef, which was lightly spiced and…wow!! Easily one of the best things we had had so far! This one, we reluctantly shared but spent the rest of the day contemplating going back for more! The pie had so much filling, tons of flavor and was a steal at just £2.80 a pie! The pastry was perfect too! You could buy them frozen to take home but we didn’t want to risk it defrosting too much and being wasted.

liverpool food & drink festival

Rookwood Bar & ‘Cue has recently opened up in the city center and I’ve heard nothing but good things but have yet to find myself in there! This was a great chance to check out the kind of things they serve at the main restaurant. I ordered the 4oz flat iron steak with onions cooked medium. They cook everything up on this huge smoker right there in front of you – it was fascinating to watch and smelt unbelievable – just watch out for the ash! I watched them cook up my steak and serve it up and ladies and gentlemen, I have to say, I was blown away by it! Seriously! I love my steak and this was out of this world! I have zero idea what sauce they cooked up the onions in but I want to smother myself in it, it was that good! The steak was delicious, cooked perfectly and full flavour and juice! I have every intention of finding myself in the restaurant very very soon!

liverpool food & drink festival

Deciding it was time to have something a little sweeter, we found ourselves at the Treats Bakeshop. The brownies they had on offer were the size of my head! As soon as I spotted peanut butter and salted caramel brownies I knew I had to have one…and there was no way I’d be sharing it! It tasted as good as it looked, if not better! It was so rich and chewy, but I didn’t find it too stodgy at all! It was the perfect delight, it just needed a good brew to go with it!

Last but not least, my brother had a hankering for some pill bill tacos from Lucha Libre. He practically lives in the actual restaurant as it is, but there was no way he could go past the stand without getting something! I really wanted to try the scouse tacos but I was so full, I didn’t want to make myself feel sick! Maybe I should have shared that brownie!

A shout out has got to go to Thistly Cross Cider, we stopped here twice the cider was that good! I had an elderflower and a strawberry cider and both were amazing! I can’t really do fizzy drinks so these were perfect, flat and full of flavour and pretty low % too. They elderflower flavour comes in a non-alcoholic version too. My brother had the whiskey cask cider twice and fell head over heels for it, but there didn’t appear to any bottles on sale to take home! Curses!

liverpool food & drink festival
Obligatory port-a-loo selfie

I can’t believe I’ve never been to Liverpools Food & Drink festival before but I will be back next year, that’s a promise! There was so much more I would have loved to try! Price wise, everything was really reasonable, with most things coming in at under £5 per portion, and many of the market place offers where 2 or 3 for £5. I did pick up a few goodies to bring home so I’ll be putting up a haul post soon!

I love being able to shop local and buy outside of the big chain supermarkets, and an event like this is a great way to get to know some of the smaller local businesses out there. There’s a few cards I picked up that I will certainly be checking out and I can already see some of the goodies I brought home becoming firm favourites!

Have you been to the Liverpool Food & Drink festival? Or, any other food festival for that matter? I’d love to check out some more so let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Q & A with Saloca #3

questions with saloca

We all love to get to know our bloggers a little better, so with that in mind, I've decided to sit down and do a little Q & A session on a Sunday. From now until either I, or you lovely lot, get bored of this, I will be answering questions from this list, as well as any you feel like asking! Go on, it's an excuse to exercise your right to be nosy! Missed part2? Find it here!

Got a question? Comment down below or tweet me @saloca, or even drop me a line at salocainwonderland[@] ((remove the [ ] ))

Let's go!

Do you ask enough questions or do you settle for what you know?

How many questions are enough? I think I ask lots of questions, but I think I could ask more. Everyone could do with asking more questions, after all how else will we learn the most weird and wonderful things about our world? I actually don't think I do just settle for what I know anymore. I don't think I've ever been like that. I'm curious (or is it nosy??) about everything, I'm pretty sure I was one of those 'Why?' kids growing up and not much has changed!

Who do you love and what are you doing about it?

I love my Mr. I'm pretty sure he knows. What am I doing about it? Hopefully I'm doing all the right things that show him? He seems to like me too so I must be doing something right - or someone is paying him very well!

What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

Honestly, I have no idea! I guess we all believe in things that other people don't, be it our religious beliefs, our political beliefs and preferences, hell, you might flat out refuse to drink tea which to me is just...unthinkable, but it's your choice! Believe what you want to believe, just don't go pushing those beliefs on other people. It works both ways too, if someones beliefs don't match up with yours then let it be.

I'm sure lots of people disagree with with the above, and that's OK, my beliefs don't have to be your beliefs, variety is a good thing!

Until next time,

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Run or Dye Liverpool 2014

run or dye uk

When I heard Run or Dye was coming to the UK I crossed my fingers, toes, legs and eyes that they would set up an event in Liverpool – and they did! The took over Aintree Racecourse on their give love world tour, painting the course in their signature rainbow dyes!

What is Run or Dye?

Run or dye is a family friendly 5k (3 miles) ‘run’. It’s not a race or a run, so no matter your fitness levels or lack there of *raises hand* anyone and everyone can take part! The majority of race goers at the Liverpool event tackled the course at a slow jog meets power walk meets Sunday stroll pace – there was a guy going backwards in scuba gear, so any and all speeds are welcome!  As you make your way around the course, dye stations are set up where volunteers get colour me happy and pelt you with dyed cornstarch powder, covering you from head to toe in the rainbow!

run or dye uk

I was amazed by the amount of families taking part, so many tiny little tots, some who couldn’t even walk yet, where pushed around the course in pimped out strollers and giggling their heads off! I saw so many little ones (and big ones!) rolling through the dye stations and just having an absolute blast!

What to wear to Run or Dye?

YOU are the canvas! Most people, myself included, went with a black/white combo, you also get official Run or Dye race tees on the day as part of your registration fee! They have a merchandise stall too if you want to pick up some other gear! I saw so many people in brights; neon socks, headbands, clothes, as well as two guys in bright white (though not for long!) wedding dresses and a couple of onsie wearers, oh, and The Stig! Next time around I plan on getting really creative with my costume for sure!

Run or Dye!

Ready, set, dye! Once you’re in the corral they set you off in waves as the first dye station gets pretty packed and slows everything down but after that you’re away. Set a pace you’re comfortable with, walk if you want! We went for a very slow jog meets power walk and at the dye stations, we slowed it right down to make sure we got pelted with plenty of colour! If you really want to catch the colour, stick to the sides of the dye stations, jump up and down, paint a bullseye on your back or literally get on the floor and roll! I saw so many dye angles being made! If you’re not feeling the dye, go through the middle and you won’t get pelted as much but there is plenty of space on the outside to get through a dye station with little to no damage!    

We completed the course in around 35 – 40 minutes, the max time you can spend going around the course is close to 2 and a half hours! 

run or dye uk

As fun runs go, this one ranks right up there for me! I had the most amazing time! The weather was great and the atmosphere was electric! Even before the race, everyone was getting dye crazy – everyone gets a packet of powder in their race bag and you can purchase more prior to the event day! Clouds of colour where going up all over the place, it was so much fun!

run or dye uk
Post race - I wasn't covered in half as much dye, it was all falling off me as I moved!

There are plenty of UK events left before they eave our little land so if you fancy it, head on over an sign up now! I know I’ll be signing up the next time they come around!

run or dye uk

Have you taken part in a Run or Dye event? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Friday, 19 September 2014

Top 5 feel good films!

top 5 feel good films

Sometimes, all you want to do is get your pjs on, get under a comfy quilt and put on a good film. Maybe it’s with your boyfriend, or your friends or even just your own company, nothing beets a good day on the couch with a few good films!

Everyone has their go-to feel good films, don’t they? You know the ones, no matter how many times you watch them they will never fail to put you in a better mood, brighten your day, clear your mind and a smile on your face! When the lovely Jackie from Just Add Ginger tagged me in the post, I was excited to share my picks with you all!

Without further ramblings introduction, here’s 5 films that always put me in a better mood!

  1. Miss Congeniality

I have loved this film for years, it’s easily one of my favourite Sandra Bullock comedies, but Michael Cain and William Shatner steal the show entirely! Watching the tomboy FBI agent Gracie Hart be transformed into Miss New Jersey Grace Lou Freebush always makes me want to go put on a face mask too (another perfect pick me up!). Who doesn’t love the drama of a beauty pageant? (Ok, maybe I’ve watched a little too much Toddlers & Tiaras?)

  1. Marie Antoinette

The cakes, the costume, the palace of Versailles, the opulence and so much more. OK, Marie Antoinette and Louise XVI don’t exactly get the happiest of endings, but Sophie Coppolas fresh and young interpretation of two historical figures (who, if you ask me, where way too young to sit on the throne back then!) is exquisite and will leave you craving macaroons and powder blue dresses for sure! I’ve always had a fixation with Marie Antoinette and that period in history, this film was were that fixation began!

  1. 13 going on 30

I can’t believe this film is 10 years old! I was 16 when it first came out and who, at that age, doesn’t imagine what their life might be like at age 30? Jenna (Jennifer Garner) at 13 wishes she was 30, past her awkward teen years and on the ladder to success. Imagine being a 13 year old inside a 30 year old body? Fun and chaos ensues and in the end, you learn to open the door when opportunity comes knocking and maybe you should lie through the awkward years instead of wishing your life away!

  1. Tangled

I had to put at least one Disney film in here! I’ve always loved Tangled, the music is amazing and the film is hilarious and emotional all at the same time! Yes I cry, but who doesn’t feel good after a good little cry? I mean, c’mon, that scene with the lanterns? I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

  1. Dirty Dancing

This film and I have a special relationship. For starters, it was made the exact same year I was born! I’ve no idea when I started watching this film but I know it back to front, sideways and could probably write the transcript from the DVD commentary from memory! No matter what’s happening in my life, this film just takes me away and I get totally lost in the music and the dancing. The soundtrack is still one of my all time favourites and I listen to it at least once a week!

There you have it! I’m sat here looking at all these DVDs now and finding it hard to pick one to watch this evening! Are any of these on your feel good films list? Let me know in the comments below what films you enjoy watching when you need a cinematic pick me up!

Until next time,

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Head

clarisonic deep pore cleansing brush head for oily skin

I’ve been using my Clarisonic Mia2 religiously since December 2013 and my skin has never been better, but when I couldn’t get my hands on my regular brush head (you have to replace the head every 3-4 months) I ended up ordering the deep pore cleansing brush head on a whim instead. It wasn’t one I’d heard much about but my current brush head was way over due a replacement – desperate times folks!

The deep pore cleansing brush head is very different from the regular sensitive brush head that comes as standard with the Clarisonic. For starters, it’s bristles are super soft and so gentle, they glide so smoothly across the skin. I’ve never found the sensitive brush head to be harsh but compared to this one it might as well be a wire brush.

The bristles themselves seem tighter and more compact compared to the sensitive brush head. This surprised me as what came through my post box looked more like a sensitive brush had in a different colour, compared with the image on the feel unique website! I was expecting something looser, fuzzier looking. 

clarisonic deep pore cleansing brush head for oily skin

The deep pore cleansing brush head is specifically designed for oily skin and large pores, skin that needs a thorough deep down clean. Now, my skin always felt and looked pretty clean but since using this particular brush head it’s looked that bit clearer. Nothing too noticeable, but I think that’s more to do with the fact my skin was in pretty good shape before I started using this one anyway!

I’ve been battling a huge acne breakout over the last week or so and using this brush head has really helped get that minimized and cleared up. I’ve also found this particular brush head cleans those harder to reach areas, like the sides of my nose, much better.

It retails for £21 which is pretty steep, but I managed to pick it up for £18 in the sale. Keep your eyes out because there seems to be sales all the time including the Clarisonic brush heads. If you buy the multi-packs they do work out better value but you need the extra money upfront which isn’t always available for me! I actually think it would be great if you could select which brush head you want to start with when you buy your base unit but that’s just me putting my ideas out there!

Have you tried the deep pore cleansing brush head for the Clarisonic? Let me know in the comments below! I’m really intrigued by the delicate brush head so if you’ve got any experience with this one let me know!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

We Were Liars - E Lockhart

we were liars e lockhart book review

When I picked up We Were Liars I had no idea what to expect, and that is by far the best way to approach this book! How spoiler free can a review be? Let’s find out!

We Were Liars follows the summers a well known, well off family spend on their private little island, surrounded by lush green lawns, beaches, picnics packed by the help and nights that seem endless. Torn by their parents relationships with each other and their standing in society, the teens want something more, something different, they want to make a stand and be more than their parents ever could be. One summer they put the wheels in motion.

It’s your not so typical coming of age tale with a twist. At times it’s light and fluffy and unbearable teen angsty, but more often than not it is dark and painful, taking me back to my own teenage years, and probably yours too, where we struggled to make our mark on the world and decide just who we wanted to be.

The novel itself is beautifully written, Lockhart does an amazing job of capturing the sounds of everything in a truly evocative way. She seems to get teenagers better than most teen dramas I’ve read. She also seems to get the adults too. It was an interesting play on the stereotypes when the adults acted more like the teens and the teens appeared to be the more knowledgeable grown ups. That, I really liked.

From the start you get the feeling there is something very myserious about this book, something’s not quite right, and as our main character Cadence tries to recover lost memories from two summers ago, the revolution, the accident and the big secret all finally come to light in an unexpected ending (note, don’t do what I did and finish this book in public!).

Ask me how it ends and I will lie.

Have you read We Were Liars? Don’t tell me, lie to me in the comments below!

Until next time,

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum for oily skin

ESPA optimal skin proserum for oily skin

Using oil on oily skin sounds downright terrifying, I won’t lie. Having oily skin, I’ve always avoided anything oil or oil based as I’ve wanted to avoid that, ‘oh hey, I’ve just friend an egg on my face’ appearance. It’s not exactly a good look for me!

Hello, Espa Optimal Skin ProSerum, a nourishing treatment oil that uses active plant extracts to brighten, tighten, even and enhance skins tone and appearance. That’s a lot of promises from one little oil, and did I mention I’ve never been a big fan of facial oils?

I originally tried this out almost 3 months ago and can you believe I’m still using this little beauty? Talk about a product that makes you think twice! I’ve always avoided oil treatments and boy, have I been missing out!

The oil isn’t as thick in consistency as I would have imagined. I thought it was going to be like putting frying oil on my face but it wasn’t, it was surprisingly really thin, almost water like and absorbed instantly. I have only been using this of a night as, even though it’s absorbed, there is a lot of excess shine there and I wouldn’t want to go layering on a moisturizer on top. That being said, if you have really dry skin, its express hydration formula would be hugely beneficial!

I work this onto my face and neck in three stages after cleansing and using my targeted spot treatments. I start with a few drops warmed up on my finger tips and pat this gently across the top section of my face, so forehead, temples, nose and the tops of my cheeks. A few more drops and I repeat the process on the lower half of my face, so cheeks, chin and up towards the ears. Finally, I massage a couple of drops up my neck and across my collarbones. I find the motion and the scent so relaxing; it is perfect for the bedtime skin routine!  

As with all Espa products, the scent is strong, it’s a really heady scent that gets right up your nostrils, but I really like it. It has quite a musky, dark, scent to it, with just a hint of something citrus.

Since I started using the Optimal Skin ProSerum I have noticed my skin looks so much more awake first thing in the morning, even if I haven’t had the best nights sleep! My skin feels really soft and cheeks look plump! My skin looks so much more hydrated, this is the perfect little product to use after a night out if you really don’t want to look as bad as you might feel the next morning! (Trust me, I’ve shamefully been there and it worked a treat). The one downside, my skin has been a little more oilier than usual, but it’s nothing a little powder or a blotting paper can’t fix.

A 30ml bottle  retails for £48, but if you place an order on the Espa website here, for something a little cheaper, you can select a few sample sized products to try, and this one is on that list of samples to choose from. I’ve found that this stuff lasts a really really long time and a little goes such a long way!

It does claim to be for all skin types, though I think normal/dry would get the most benefit out of this, sensitive not so much as it’s pretty potent! As for oily, well, it’s not kept my oily skin in check but I have noticed some visible improvements to skin texture and appearance! No change to the breakouts/acne though!

Have you tried the Optimal Skin ProSerum, or can you recommend any other facial oils I need to rush off and try? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


Monday, 15 September 2014

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ Review!

la roche posay effaclar duo review

As one of the first La Roche-Posay products I ever bought, I cannot believe I haven’t had a chat with you guys about it! You know me and La Roche, we’ve had a little love affair going on this year, what with their toner and targeted spot corrector becoming staples in my skincare routine, but it all started right here with this, the effeclar duo+ anti marks corrective cream.

The effaclar duo+ is an anti-blemish cream designed to target and treat oily, blemish prone skin. I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember and the downside to this is that I tend to suffer with more breakouts as the oil collects dirt, clogs the pores and causes spots – washing my face 20+ times a day is not an option and would be unbelievably bad for my skin! I’m always on the look out for anything and everything that will help my skin woes!

I picked up effacer duo+ after reading about a million recommendations online and Boots having an oh so purse friendly 3 for 2 offer on skin care. Generally, it retails for £15. This little tube has been clinically proven to improve and correct the appearance of blemishes, brown spots, unclog and improve the appearance of pores and control oily skin.

At first, I used this all over my face before moisturizing but after a few days I found little dry patches on my cheeks and temples. Not really what I was hoping for so I started to apply it topically to my t-zone, nose and chin, my main problem zones. Instantly I started to notice a difference, especially in how far through the day I could get before my skin started to get that oily glow about it. I used it twice a day and noticed first thing in the morning my skin seemed much less oily too.

la roche posay effaclar duo review

The cream itself is less of a cream and more of a serum if you ask me. It’s very thin and light in consistency and easily absorbed into the skin. It’s so thin and lightweight that I don’t have to worry about layering it under other products and make up. It has the faintest of fragrances, very light, barely there unless you put it right up your nostrils, so it’s great for sensitive skin. It’s paraban free too so it’s pretty gentle on the skin.

It’s been about 6 months now and 2 tubes later and I can safely say this little tube is a miracle and I’ve yet to look back! I’ve noticed a huge reduction in breakouts, in fact apart from stress and hormone related breakouts I have very very few! The pores on my nose, which have always been large and visible, appear tighter. It has reduced the brown spots/acne scars I have but don’t expect this to happen over night, it’s taken a few months for my brown spots/acne scars to start fading. It’s happening but it’s a slow process.

la roche posay effaclar duo review

The squeeze tube has a precise nozzle applicator so you’ll never force out too much product either! It does sound a little pricey at £15 but it does last, especially if you’re only using it as a targeted treatment.

I’ve been loving La Roche-Posay this year and I can’t wait to try out more from their line, do you have any ideas about what I should pick up next? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time,

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Q & A with Saloca #2

question and answer saloca

We all love to get to know our bloggers a little better, so with that in mind, I've decided to sit down and do a little Q & A session on a Sunday. From now until either I, or you lovely lot, get bored of this, I will be answering questions from this list, as well as any you feel like asking! Go on, it's an excuse to exercise your right to be nosy! If you missed it, you can find #1 here!

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 Let's go!

What gets you excited about life?

Making plans. Nothing could get me more excited about life than what it's about to bring next! Planning for holidays, outings, adventures, moving out and buying mundane things like spoons and cushions for my own home. I know not every plan comes to fruition and some of the best things that happen are spontaneous and un-planned, and I love  those things too, but I still love making plans for the future. It's exciting to look ahead and have all kinds of things lined up that put a smile on your face. 

Besides, I'd rather talk about the future than the past, it keeps you living in the now and moving forward!

What life lesson did you learn the hard way?

I think one of the hardest things I've ever had to learn was to be myself. I've talked about this before, how when I was younger I had huge self confidence issues, as in, I had ZERO self confidence. Nada. Zilch. I didn't like myself very much and I was convinced for years that to be happy I had to become someone that wasn't me. Truth is, it wasn't until I really started being myself that I was actually happy! 
It's so easy to try and be anything but yourself, to do what others tell you when they tell you to do it, going against that grain that's been the 'norm' for so long is hard, it's scary and there are times you think it would be easier to just fall back into old habits and go back to how things used to be - but you must persevere and stay strong, it's seriously worth it in the end!

What do you wish you spent more time doing five years ago?

Writing. I must have started and stopped about a hundred blogs - can you imagine where I might be now if I'd have continued with one of those like I have now? In fact, scrap that, 5 years ago I wish I had carried on with about a million different plans and ideas I had that I failed to see through to completion. I've kept paper diaries for close to 10 years now and reading back over some of those entries are painful, all those ideas I had that never even got off the ground! Who knows who, what or where I would be now if I had gone through with some of them? 

It frustrates me to no end! BUT, that being said, everything happens for a reason and who knows what I wouldn't have now if I had gone through with some of those plans?? You could go round in circles thinking like this!

Until next time,

Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Co-Operatives *#Tweet4aTable campaign!

The co-op #tweet4atable

The wonderful folks at The Co-Operative are setting up a fabulous little pop up restaurant in city centres across the UK. This past week the guys had set up in Liverpool city centre.

So, what’s this all about?

Well, in a bid to showcase the fabulous offerings the Co-Operative have in their new range, and the scrumptious meals you can make with them, they’re offering free meals to those taking part in their #tweet4atable campaign! Taking part is really easy too, all you have to do is follow @tweet4atable and tweet out about why you and up to three friends deserve to be fed a free meal for either lunch or dinner, using the hashtag #tweet4atable. Simple!

The co-op #tweet4atable menu

Mr.Man and I headed down on Friday night after a long hard week at work, we were famished and looking for something good to get our weekend started. After being seated they went through the menu with us and explained how everything, from the menu items to the drinks and condiments on the table where all from The Co-Operatives own range. I’ve got to admit, The Co-Op isn’t somewhere I shop often so I was eager to see what they had to offer!

The co-op #tweet4atable drinks

We started with drinks, I went for a cloudy lemonade, Mr.Man a cream soda – as nice as my cloudy lemonade was, Mr.Man won this round, I’d totally forgotten how nice cream soda was, I wish I’d asked him to swap! Next up, they brought us out some nachos to share. The guac was amazing and I don’t usually like it if I’m honest! 

The co-op #tweet4atable nachos

For our mains, I went for the halloumi fun guy burger, a garlic and herb flat mushroom topped with an onion ring, salad and tomato and chili chutney with a side of onion rings. Mr.Man went for chicken wings with buffalo cheese and a side of spring onion fries. 

The co-op #tweet4atable veggie option
The co-op #tweet4atable chicken wings

The flat mushroom was delicious, the whole thing was piled so high I could barely bite it properly! The halloumi was a bit too much so I had to take that off but the tomato and chili chutney was surprisingly really nice! Mr.Man really enjoyed his wings, the did look and smell delicious!

Everyone around us seemed to be having a ball, couples catching up, groups of friends mucking around with the chalk boards and props, even the staff seemed to be enjoying themselves, there was a great atmosphere. 

If your lucky enough to have the #tweet4atable guys pop up in a city near you make sure you take part, send out a tweet and fingers crossed, you’ll get picked to grab a fantastic free lunch!You can follow the #tweet4atable gang and find out where they're going next over @Tweet4aTable. They'll be in Manchester 17th - 19th September and Newcastle 24th - 26th September!

The co-op #tweet4atable props photos

Have you grabbed a #tweet4atable lunch or dinner? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

I was invited down by the lovely folks at The Co-Op as a VIP guest to check out the event and the food, that being said, all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own!