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Barcelona Trip Report: Day 4

Catch up on days 1, 2 & 3!

Day 4
chocolate danish in barcelona

Started out our final day in Barcelona by skipping breakfast in the hotel and popping into the patisserie next door! Had the most delicious chocolate pastry which set me up nicely for the day. hand on heart, I didn't eat all that healthy for the majority of the week but I was on holiday so decided treating myself was a must!

We headed back to the City Tour bus stop and hopped on the green line bus to check out the other side of the city. There was so much we wanted to do on our last day but we were both extremely tired from the previous days adventures and it was really starting to catch up on us!

april weather in barcelona

We rode the tour bus down towards the beach where he hopped off to have a wander. It was lovely and quiet down here, mostly just us, dog walkers and morning joggers about! We wandered along the promenade for a little while before coming to the next bus stop where we hopped back on the tour bus and went up to the Centre Comercial Glories. The outdoor shopping centre was lovely - I even found a Disney store (nowhere near as good as the one I used to work in!). We stopped for lunch in Norscafe, which is a chain over there. So cheap and delicious! After a quick bite and a wander around we hopped back on the bus and headed towards the Sagrada Familia. I'm pretty sure it's a given that if you go to Barcelona you have to head to the great Gaudi cathedral - but honestly, I wish we'd never got off the bus!

eating out in barcelona

We hopped off hoping for the best but the place was so busy. I've seen busy, I've seen Walt Disney World on days they've had to close the gates and refuse entry because the park is so busy you can't see the floor for all the feet - and the foot traffic around the Sagrada was worse that that! The queue to get back on the bus was twice as many as the bus could carry and the line to just buy a ticket to explore the cathedral was twice around the building and then some! Fail.

external sagrada familia barcelona

I really wanted to head up to Parc Guell but there was no way we could wait for a bus and to walk it was out of the question. So, we walked around 45 minutes, stopped for a mojito and found ourselves back in familiar territory where we boarded the bus heading back towards our hotel with a new plan. We really wanted to take the cable car up to Montjuic and thought we would have time...but traffic was not in our favour. Everywhere was rammed and the bus took forever and a day just to get near the hotel, past the hotel was at least another 30mins on the bus then however long the cable car would take.

Insert Plan C. Back to the hotel, pack our cases then head up to the rooftop bar and get a celebratory bottle of champagne, cured meats platter, take in the epic views in the sunshine away from the busy busy streets of Barcelona and just relax.

cava in barcelona

outdoor dining in barcelona

Day 4 was actually our 1 year anniversary so a little celebrating was in order! We spent a good while up on the roof chatting about everything we'd gotten up to over the past few days and talking about future trips and plans. Cured meats, olives, champagne and good times and a sunset, we couldn't have had a better send off!

Then...there was the great Trip Advisor fail. We picked out a restaurant that was a fair walk away but sounded something pretty special, so we prepared for one last hike across the city. But when we got there it was closed! No opening times or anything on the front, just shutters down and locks in place. Fail. We ended up at a little Italian place back near the hotel for a quick bite and an early night!

Our flight was super early the next morning, so there ended our Barcelona city break. We had the most amazing time and have both said we'd love to go back and check out the things we missed, as well as take in more of the night life around the city. We've got plans to venture across Europe but I know we'll be back in Barcelona some day!

Have you ever been to Barcelona? Enjoyed this trip report? Let me know in the comments down below!

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