Friday, 9 May 2014

Barcelona Haul 2014

I couldn't go to Barcelona and not go in a shop or three. From high street brands to high end designers and boutique little shops down odd little alley ways, it was a shoppers paradise! I'd actually only gone with one store and one purchase in mind but more on that later! I didn't buy a whole lot as we had traveled hand luggage only so very restricted on what we could bring home!

Dress #1

Picked this up in some very random boutique down a side street. Not my usual skater dress but very summery! The material is so thin and flows beautifully, perfect for those hot summer holidays. I usually steer clear of V necks but this one has an elasticated back and straps which pulls everything up and in! I did feel a little more conscious than usual but popped a lightweight scarf on that made me feel a little less self conscious!

Dress #2

Back to my trusty skater dress style, the random boutique shop I found this in had some amazing fabrics but they where all really autumn/winter in colour. My wardrobe is looking a little too dark so I wanted something light and fresh! The skirt of this dress is huge and floats like something off a Disney movie! I'm a sucker for anything with a bird print on it too!

light summer scarves


All are very thin, super light weight fabrics, perfect for Spring/Summer. As sunny as Barcelona was there was still a slightly chilly breeze so these were perfect! The one on the left is from Mango that I picked up in a sale they were having. The other two came from random boutique shops for just 10euro each. Mr.Man picked all 3 scarves, I'm sure he fancies himself a bit of a Gok Wan!

mango ladies sunglasses


Probably the best purchase of the trip, I wasn't expecting much sun so didn't bother packing any but it was shining down all day every day and blinding me! Picked these up in Mango in a sale for just 15euro! They never left my face the whole trip! These should see me nicely through Summer!

Beauty Buys

I was so excited to get myself in a Sephora - and we found three in Barcelona but not one of them stocked Tarte! I got chatting with a guy in one Sephora and he said some brands are exclusive to certain Sephoras and he believed Tarte was only available in the USA stores! I was so annoyed, I was all hyped up for my first ever Tarte purchase but nope, it wasn't going to happen! To make myself feel better (and get a little black and white stripey bag) I picked up Glam Glow and a brush head for my Clarisonic. I also picked up some limited edition foaming shower gel in Rituals (which was too big to bring home :( ) and a gentle eye make up remover by Rituals too!

I didn't go to Barcelona to shop but I couldn't leave empty handed!

What are your must-buys when you travel abroad? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

saloca in wonderland



  1. love the white dress! barcelona is such a good place to shop, i found quite a lot of gothic style clothing whilst there a couple of years ago in las ramblas, really enjoyed the experience!

    sarah @

    1. The shopping there was amazing! I wish I had took hold baggage and more money! Saw so much nice stuff!

      Sarah :)

  2. I love all your choices from Barcelona! They dresses are super cute and scarves are my downfall! They are such a great accessories!

    1. Scarves never used to be my thing but now...well, I think I've developed a problem haha!

      Sarah :)

  3. That's a pretty big haul! Loving both the dresses!

    Everytime I go on holiday I come back with a Hello Kitty haul. The poor suitcase was soooo full after Japan though!

    1. Oh I could have brought back so much more! If I ever go to Japan I KNOW I'm going to need more than a suitcase for beauty products alone!

      Sarah :)

  4. love the 2nd dress! :*

    GIVEAWAY on my blog!

  5. Ohh, give me the dresses, they are lovely! I'm so excited to go to some malls =)

    Corinne x


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