Wednesday, 9 April 2014

What would I say to my younger self?

Have you ever sat down and thought about the younger you? It's hard to believe you used to be so little once upon a time. If you could sit down with yourself of any age, what age would you pick and what would you say?

I'd take my 11 year old self out for a walk, find a bench somewhere and have a little chat with her. I'd tell her that it is OK to be yourself and that NO, you don't want everyone to like you - in 15 years time you won't be speaking, seeing or even thinking about ANY of these people.

I'd tell her kids are mean. That they will say and do mean things to you to look better in front of other people. I'd try to explain that they haven't singled her out for any particular reason, that there is always a couple of kids who through no fault of their own, just end up getting picked on. Not a lot you can do to change it - so don't even try. Don't waste your summers in doors thinking that there's something wrong with you, don't think that by September you need to be this different person - there's nothing wrong with who you are and when you're older, you'll look back and regret all the time you spent worrying over what other people thought of you, you can be doing so much more with that time!

You know all those little websites you make? All of those little weekend projects you start but then give up on because you think it's stupid or pointless? They're not stupid or pointless, you'll end up wishing you had nurtured those ideas because you're right - the internet is going to be HUGE, and even though you don't know you're doing something called 'blogging' don't give up on it, it's going to be big and you'll regret getting back on the bandwagon so late.

Write. Write everyday, and don't throw away those paper journals you start and stop all the time. Keep them. Get out of the house more, one summer every kid in the street will come together to teach you to ride a bike, don't be so afraid, it'll be amazing and you won't feel so left behind any more!

Play with your brother, he's actually an OK kid, you should spend more time together. Oh, and learn to plait your hair, your Mum will thank you for it!

Most of all, just be you. Smile more, laugh more and don't fold your arms across your body. It's not always going to be easy but the sooner you learn to ignore the idiots and love yourself, the sooner great things will happen for you!

What would you say to your younger self?

Until next time,

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