Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: S

A to Z Challenge


S is for...Spring Skater dresses!

For those who don't know, I've become a bit of a dress obsessed nut-job recently, dresses, more specifically, skater dresses are pretty much the only thing I wear 95% of the time

With Spring in full swing and Summer on it's way, (I already have the sunburn to prove it!), it's become pretty apparent to me that the majority of my wardrobe is navy and black, the only pops of colour tending to be darker shades of purple. It's all very Autumn/Winter, so I need to start injecting something a little brighter!

Popped on over to one of my favourite high street stores, New Look, to see if they could give me any inspiration for my Spring/Summer skater dress collection and I wasn't disappointed!

(From left to right)

Parisian shell pink chiffon leaf print £22.99

Navy is still one of my favourite colours at the minute so I love the scattered leaf print on this dress. The lighter shell pink makes this less Winter wear and more 'hello Spring'. Also comes with the belt which I think is really cute! I've got a similar dress in darker colours with a similar design on (birds instead of leaves) that I love and get compliments on all the time.

Mint green sleeveless floral print £14.99

I have nothing mint green in my wardrobe right now and I love this colour for Spring. I'm a bit of a floral-fanatic too so this ticks that box! I can just see me sitting back and relaxing in the park wearing this, a book in one hand, a iced tea in the other, bliss!

Pink roll up sleeve floral print £14.99

Love the little capped sleeves on this, I burn really easily so this will really help keep me a little more sun-safe! I love the colours going through this dress, so bright and cheery! Pretty sure I already have the perfect sandals to go with this too - bonus!

Orange contrast applique trim £22.99 

Damn this one is bright, and a touch out of my colour-comfort zone, but I'm in love with it! I'm pretty sure it's been scientifically proven that seeing the colour orange does make you happier, so hopefully they will be a lot of smiling faces around when I wear this! I'm a touch on the pale side so hopefully it won't make me look too ill!

Now all I need is for someone to come along and take me shopping....and if they want to pay, even better!

What are your Spring picks?

Until next time,