Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: G

A to Z Challenge


G is for...Graze!

I'm a snack monster. I just love to snack but when you're trying to be a little healthier it's hard to walk past the vending machine in work when you go on a quick tea break and not pop a £1 in for some crisp or a bar of chocolate. It's also pretty lethal if you're trying to save money too!

I discovered Graze well over a year ago now, a friend in work was telling me all about these amazing little snack boxes that come through the post, filled with tasty, healthy treats that she could munch on without worrying about her waste line. I was intrigued. So she gave me a friend code and I got my first box for free, hey anything is worth a try if it's free, right?

So my first box came...and I've been hooked ever since. The letterbox friendly sized package drops ton my doorstep every week, inside are 4 perfectly portioned boxes filled with tasty snacks. It's mostly dried fruits, nuts and cracker like crunchies, but they also do things like popcorn, flapjacks, and incredible tea and cake combo treat that rarely finds it's way into my box *cries*. They have hundreds of snack boxes available and you can tailor your box to suit your specific tastes, even telling them what you never want to receive in your box - or what you want in every box because it's your favourite. You rate every snack box they have, then they put your box together with your ratings in mind. I have to say, I have never once received something in my box that I've rated as 'never ever send me this' so they score points for that!

You can have boxes delivered anywhere, even you your work place, and you can have the delivered as often as you like. I got with once a week as it generally gives me one snack box a day to take to work with me. If you have any allergies or only want the healthiest of boxes, you can customise everything to do just that!

They've recently started doing breakfasts boxes which I love. The breakfast boxes are mdse up of selections of porridge oats, many combinations I've never seen in store before and all are delicious - some even come with honey!

If you've got any little ones, they even do kids boxes too! Great for the lunch box or after school snack!

A regular box of 4 snack pots is priced at £3.95 which included p&p - an absolute bargain if you ask me. I once tried to put my own versions of the pots together but the individual ingredients - especially nuts, where just adding up to way too much! 

Fancy trying Graze? If you head on over to Graze.com and use my friendcode you'll get your 1st, 5th and 10th box for free!


Have you ever tried a Graze box? Thoughts?

Until next time,

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