Monday, 7 April 2014

A to Z Challenge: F

A to Z Challenge


F is!

Fashion...eek. I love looking at fashion, I love window shopping the high street and checking out the latest trends. I watch fashion hauls on YouTube and read up on blogs and magazines etc, but when it comes to me - that's a different kind of fashion all together.

I've had a love/hate relationship with clothes for as long as I can remember and spent most of my teens and very early twenties wearing nothing but jeans. I'd pull out a dress for a special occasion and in summer would wear the odd skirt but jeans where my safety net. I've never been all that body confident and I felt like I could hide myself under the denim. I'd pair it with cute flats or Converse, a graphic print tee and that was me. For years.

I've always loved dresses. I loved it when a special occasion came around and I'd be forced out of my safety jeans and into something different, I was like Clark Kent whizzing around and ending up looking like Superman - ok, minus the muscles but I had the red underpants!

Problem was, my confidence. I was one of those people who'd done the same thing for so long that if I even wore my hair slightly different or a shoe with a higher heel, people would comment. Thinking back the comments were rarely negative, but because it was me who had done something different, it became a big deal. I really didn't like the attention so I just kept doing the same thing and avoided change like the plague.

Over the last 12 months a lot has changed. My wardrobe is one of them. If you catch me wearing jeans you'll find I ditched boyfriend jeans for skinny jeans, but most of the time I'm in a dress. It's gotten to the point where I'm pretty much known for being obsessed with dresses, especially skater cut dresses with a floral print. Could it be any girlier? I've never felt more comfortable in my clothes and actually enjoy (most days!) getting changed in the morning! My confidence has rocketed and I've been told it really shows too!

Sometimes you just have to step out of the box.

Have you ever had a drastic change in wardrobe? Why?

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  1. I wish I would do that. I love dresses and skirts and wear them a lot of the time in summer. I just don't have the courage to do that and wear it to school.

    1. I felt exactly the same way when I was in school. I wish I had had the confidence back then to wear what I wanted to, especially dresses! You've got to be yourself and go with what you're comfortable in though!

      Sarah :)