Monday, 31 March 2014

The Yorkshire Soap Company

On my trip to York a couple of weeks ago I found the most amazing shop, The Yorkshire Soap Company. It was by complete accident that we stumbled across this beautiful hand-crafted soap store - we where actually trying to find a certain pub we'd left the guys in whilst we went shopping!

You know me and my soaps, I can never walk past the likes of Lush without popping in to buy a bath bomb or a bubble bar - but The Yorkshire Soap Company have taken the art of soap making to a whole new level. They have a little saying; Enjoy, indulge but please don't eat, and after stepping inside this wonderland I can see why they need such a saying! Have you ever seen a wedding cake made from soap? This stuff looked so good, and their individual cake shaped soap slices...wowza. They have the most delicate mini-muffin styled bath melts and even bath truffles!

Tea Rose Bath Truffles £12.50

Everything they sell is handmade, with over 70% of the products on sale made right there in store. They contain nothing but the most skin loving nutrients, purest essential oils and the purest essential fragrances. Another reason to love them? They source as much as possible locally - a big tick in my book! Everything they make and sell is suitable for sensitive skin and nothing is tested on animals! Hurrah!

Orange Grove Artisan Soap Cupcakes £4

Their artisan soaps are beautiful, and they make the perfect wedding favours (something they specialise in here) which I think is a fantastic idea if you're looking for something a bit different to traditional sugared almonds. Just look at them! They're too good to wash with - I'd even say they're too good to eat if they where edible! Can you imagine decorating a little side dish in your bathroom with these beauties?

Fancy pants soaps to one side for a moment, they also sell a fantastic line of everyday bath and body products, deli soap slices, botanical soap slices, wrapped soap bars and a wonderful selection of candles and diffusers.

Of course, I had to buy something...

After chatting to one of the very happy and helpful shop assistants, he sold me on this Marmalade of London candle in the scent mango and lychee. I'm loving really tropical and fruity smells as the weather gets warmer and nights get lighter. It smells like a tropical fruit smoothie and I just love it. I picked up the smallest one they sold as I'm still burning my way through a few other candles. The small ones are the perfect size for my desk though! My lil guy has a burn time of 20-25 hours. Some of the other scents where delicious too, I had a hard time choosing - there was even one that smelt like white chocolate!

I also picked up this giant bar of body soap in the scent mango (remember what I said about my love of fruity things right now?) I fell in love with the packaging first, it's so quaint and traditional in it's paper wrapping. The body bars are made from palm and coconut oil, then enriched with shea butter. I was told that the bars are triple milled and last for an absolute age! I still haven't taken this one out of it's paper wrapping yet - I feel like I need to buy a fancy pants dish to keep it on! The bar is a solid 200g bar with a 12 month shelf life - and looking at the size of this thing I can see it lasting a very long time!

I really wish I'd stumbled upon this store the first time I went to York last summer, and now I'm kicking myself for not buying more goodies - they make the most amazing gifts (if you could bare to part with them!) Luckily they do have a website that you can order from - note they do not ship outside of the UK. If I can't get back to York any time soon I will be putting an order in on their website!

I just have to quickly mention the store itself - this place was like stepping into Marie Antoinettes powder room, everything was just too pretty and the chandelier hanging near the tills was just breathtaking. The large stone sinks filled with bath salts, the shelves lined with candles and diffusers - I can't believe I didn't take any pictures, I was just too wrapped up in smelling everything! I would love to find myself in here again someday! It's also next door to the coolest and most creative/inspiring store I've ever set foot in - The!

Have you ever been to The Yorkshire Soap Company?

Until next time,

You can find The Yorkshire Soap Company on Twitter @ysoap and Facebook


  1. Ooohhh my parents in law live in York! Know what I'll be asking them to bring down to visit with them next time! I love mango scented things! There aren't enough mango or pear scented things around! Nice to meet you on your lovely blog :-)

    Sophie x

    1. You should defo ask them to pop in and pick you up some treats, they're amazing! Check out the website then you can give the in laws a shopping list hehe! Thanks so much for stopping by and nice to meet you too!

      Sarah :)

  2. I thought I commented on this already, I guess not!

    I've never been to the Yorkshire Soap Company, but I love the look of the items.

    Corinne x

    1. You did hun! Sorry my comments have to be approved before they show up and I've been in work, not had a chance until now lol! The shop was amazing, if you're ever near by make sure you go in!

      Sarah :)

  3. Wow what a shop! Its a must if you have never been, I felt like I'd died and gone to heaven. I was like a little kid being let loose in a toy shop for the very first time. I didn't know where to look or what to pick up next. Apparently your sense of smell goes after 7 sniffs so every so often you will come across a tea cup and saucer in the shop filled with fresh coffee beans and if you take a sniff of these it then clears your senses ready to start again and boy do you need it as there are that many gorgeous bars and candles to smell. I was so fustrated trying to choose one as I wanted them all that I ended up getting none but I did pick up a business card and I can now shop on line till my hearts content but you do really have to go there in person as the smells are unbelieveable. I know what everyone's getting for Christmas in my family this year. I really can forget the smell of the Marmalade of London range Mango and Lyche they also have an Orange one that is also beautiful. Best Shop Ever. PS I'm skint don't have any money but I'm definitely getting some of those candles should I have to do without grub for a week and I'm not going to light them but place them on my bedside table and when the window is open and the wind gently passes by and the lovely smell of them caress your senses. Lottie

    1. I'm looking for an excuse to go back to York and back to this shop! Everything was amazing! I've been conserving the candle I bought but I think I'm going to have to light it tonight!

      Sarah :)


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