Friday, 7 February 2014

Jamies Italian - Liverpool One Review

Last weekend the Man and I took in a very last minute matinee of ‘Tonight’s the night’ – The Rod Stewart Musical. The show was great, as is pretty much everything that graces the stage of the Liverpool Empire – but afterwards we were starving! We had no idea where we wanted to eat or what food we fancied. My lovely Ginger told me she was eating at Jamies Italian earlier in the day so we decided to follow suit and give it a go!

I’ve been meaning to eat in here for a while but I’ve just never got round to it! Well, no time like the present and you know, I don’t need an excuse to eat out!

We headed over to the restaurant around 5.30pm, a somewhat busy Saturday afternoon in the city centre and no reservation – I was pretty surprised we got seated straight away! The place was packed out and the second we sat down a horde of people started to arrive – so it’s certainly a popular place. I’d recommend you book to ensure you get a table around this time.

The restaurant was buzzing, lots of chatter and delicious food smells floating from the open kitchen. I sat with my back to the kitchen and couldn’t help but stare at everything they served up – it all looked and smelt delicious. Oh – and you can’t forget too quickly whose restaurant this is – you can see his many cookbooks adorning pretty much every shelf! I’m pretty sure you can purchase them here too.

The menu is really varied – and for an Italian restaurant I was surprised to see no pizza on the menu. Starters are pretty much bread selections and cured meats. They do these great ‘planks’ that are perfect for sharing, especially if you’re dining in a big group. I saw tons of these being brought out from the kitchen. They have quite a few pasta and risotto dishes on offer – a lot of them are shellfish based too, not really my thing but I can see this place getting a big tick from the vegetarians out there. Lots of meat free, vegetable based dishes. In the mains section it’s mostly meat based dishes; beef, lamb and chicken and there’s always the fish of the day (which was rainbow trout when we dined).

We decided to skip on the starters, everything was so bread based it would just fill us up too much before our main! I ordered the rib-eye steak cooked medium, served with wild mushrooms, peppery endives and ‘funky’ chips. Mr. Man ordered a free range garlic and rosemary chicken with a tomato, olive, chili and caper sauce – surprisingly not served with chips so he got some ‘posh’ chips on the side. 

'Funky' chips

The ‘funky’ and ‘posh’ chips had me intrigued. When they came out, they looked identical, except the posh chips had a minimal sprinkling of parmesan on top. Both chips where thick cut. The ‘funky’ chips where topped with fresh garlic and parsley, the ‘posh’ chips; truffle oil. Taste wise, I actually preferred the ‘funky’ chips. The ‘posh’ ones didn’t taste of anything. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the truffle oil but I couldn’t taste anything there. I love the little touches when it comes to eating out – so the little metal pails and moped blue print paper the chips are served in was a cute touch for me. 

My steak was delicious. Cooked more on the medium-rare side, it was so moist and juicy. I mocked the gigantic wooden board they served it on – there was no table left once that was put down! It did come in handy keeping it all in one place as I cut into it! The side salad tasted fresh too, which makes a change – and no dressing, that’s a winner for me right there! The wild mushrooms were scrumptious – I could have just eaten a bowl full of them! They complemented the steak perfectly – but I’d have loved a few shallot onions in there too! The 8oz rib eye was so filling – but I made sure to clean my board! It was too good to leave any morsel behind. I do wish I had swapped the chips out for some extra veggies, slightly more nutritious and wouldn’t have left me feeling so bloated!

I managed to grab a quick pic before he demolished the lot!

The chicken was really tasty too! The garlic and rosemary had infused into the chicken so well that every bite was flavourful! I was a little put off by the sound of the sauce but I needn’t have been, it was really thick and rich and went so well with the chicken! Mr. Man regretted getting the side of chips, there was so much food already in front of him!

We where so full from the mains that there was no room left for dessert – but I did spot a pavlova on the dessert menu that I would definatly go back to try!

Our server was great and everything came out so quickly – another surprise seen as though both the restaurant and bar seemed so busy! The only gripe I would be forced to make is the restaurant  feels on the small side, all the tables feel really close together – but that’s an Italian thing I’ve been told! They had many big family groups in so it’s clearly a favourite with that demographic! I’d happily bring my family here if they weren’t such fussy eaters!

I’d love to come back at a quieter time or in the summer; I love out door dining in Liverpool One, watching all the shoppers go by. I couldn’t fault the service and would eat that steak again in a heart-beat. Jamies Italian burger seemed to be really popular, they where constantly flying out of the kitchen so that could be worth a try next time!

Have you eaten here, or at any other Jamie Oliver restaurant?

Until next time, 

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  1. Oh my word, just looking at this post makes me hungry!

    I've never eaten in a Jamie Oliver Restaurant before and in fact the only celebrity restaurant that I've eaten in is Rick Steins Fish and Chip restaurant in Cornwall!

    I've followed your lovely blog with Bloglovin'!

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    1. The food was so good! If you ever get the chance I would highly recommend you try one of his restaurants out! I think he's got a couple up and down the UK. I could eat that steak right now all over again!

      Thanks for the follow! I love your blog, I'm always on the look out for a budget beauty buy and you blog has some great ideas!

      Sarah :)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog:
    Make sure to check it out again!