Monday, 17 February 2014

Ghost on Tour - The Review

Ghost The Musical : On Tour

Last week I headed out for a night at the Liverpool Empire to see the stage adaptation of the timeless tearjerker Ghost. I’ve been counting down to this performance for months and was so excited to see how it transferred from screen to stage. Last year I went to see another screen to stage adaptation; Dirty Dancing. As much as I loved the show, the music, the cheesiness of it all, there was just something it didn’t quite capture for me that Patrick Swayze did in the film. I know I shouldn’t compare it to the original – but when it’s one of your all time favourite films it’s pretty hard not to!

I was a little worried about Ghost, Dirty Dancing was so cheesy, I was worried Ghost might go down the same road – I love that I was wrong and had nothing to worry about!

20 years on from the award winning move starring Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, Ghost came to the stage as a musical and the fans have been loving it ever since. It’s been a while since I saw the film but I knew the story line – and after instantly falling for the chemistry between the main two stage actors playing Sam and Molly I knew the tears where just around the corner – damn!

They had some of the most amazing on-stage visuals I’ve seen since Starlight Express, the scene in the subway was fantastic, it really did look like the characters where whizzing along subway tunnels right there on stage. The quick changes from living to dead where pretty seamless too which impressed me – as long as you ignored the really old school looking CPR dummies they used!

I loved the numbers Are you a believer and I’m Outta Here, both with Oda Mae front and centre. I’ve got to give a shout out to Wendy Mae Brown whose performance of Oda Mae Brown (originally played by Goldberg in the film) was brilliant! She was so funny and really livened up the audience when things got a little dark or sad.

Though the dance numbers seemed really ‘samey’ the ensemble filled the stage with rhythm and energy, I was especially partial to their routine with the umbrellas, it looked great on stage and so synchronized.

The core four on stage seemed to have great chemistry which really helped to keep the story going but I’ve got to admit, I found Sam’s overly enthusiastic attempt at a Brooklyn accent really annoying by the end of the performance – as great as the guy was, I’d rather he stuck to singing or silence!

If your a fan of the film then seeing it on stage is a must! They story flows really well and I couldn’t note any un-finished storylines or plot holes. The show is perfect if you’re looking for an idea for date night, nothing like a little unchained melody to bring you two closer together! For ticket information click here!

Have you seen Ghost on tour yet?

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  1. I had no idea that Ghost or Dirty Dancing were now musicals. Dirty Dancing was my favorite film back in the day, when I was five :-) I still can watch it whenever and wherever.

    Thanks for stopping by Back Home Again!

    1. I highly recommend you see both if you can! Dirty Dancing was amazing, the whole theater was up singing and dancing, it was a brilliant show! Dirty Dancing was my favorite film growing up too, I still watch it now and the soundtrack always puts me in a good mood!

      Sarah :)