Friday, 31 January 2014

#FITuary - Getting fit in February

So you know how we all start those fitness resolutions on January 1st...and by the 31st we're on our second slice of cake in a single day...what can I say, it happens! I've come to the conclusion that setting fitness goals in January is a big waste of time. I don't know about you but I'm still trying to work my way through Christmas left overs, selection boxes, festive tons of goodies and all that wonderful-ness. And the extra long wait for pay day? That keeps us indoors, sedentary and reaching for a little sugary comfort...this can't just happen to me...can it??

Tell me your with me on this?

Ah, I thought so! It's nothing to be embarrassed about. So you didn't make your fitness goals in the first month of 2014 - you and hundreds of others I'm sure, and I'm including myself here!

But tomorrow starts a new month, a shiny new, shorter month, with less selection boxes in the cupboard and not too long to wait till pay day. The nights are starting to get lighter, making that chill in the air a little less painful. Spring is around the corner, and after Spring comes Summer and the bikini diet season *shudder*.

In a bid to start getting off my backside, moving more and feeling great on the inside, I'm throwing myself into a fitter February starting February 1st. The goal is pretty work out a hell of a lot more. Diet wise, I eat pretty well, I love my fruits and veggies and a water/green tea combo is pretty much my elixir of life so on that front, it's not looking to bad. In the spirit of boosting my health I will throw a few extra veggies on my plate and try to make some other small changes...but the biggest change of all is going to be my fitness levels (well, that's the plan!)

I'm going to print myself off a snazzy Blogilates workout calender for the month (sign up, it's free!) ad do my darnedest to push through as many of the scheduled routines as I can. In addition to this, I'll be making a point of attending as many Zumba classes as I can - work permitting, damn day job, Yes, it's going to hurt, yes it's going to get a little sweaty in here, but you know what...I'm pretty sure it's going to be worth it.

I used to (many a moon ago) work out pretty regularly and I felt great for it. My head felt clearer, I slept better, I could take a couple of flights of stairs without needing oxygen half way up. I want to feel that good again and there's no better time than the present to start!

Fancy joining me on this sweaty journey? I'll be using the #FITuary when I want to moan about my fitness related aches, pains and of course, shout out about achievements! I have no weight loss / drop a dress size goals (feel free to set your own though and let me know), just an overall feeling of fitness and wellness. I'll update once a week - probably on a Sunday, and track my progress that way so don't forget to stop by!

Until next time,

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