Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Saloca in Wonderland - The best posts of 2013!

Saloca in Wonderland came back to life in September this year after a very long hiatus - so I can't quite do a 'best of' for the whole year - but I can do a 'best of' selection for the posts that happened since it's re-birth!

Counting down the top 5 posts of 2013....

5. Black + Blum eau good charcoal filter water bottle (here)
I'm still using this bottle everyday and I'm still loving it! I've gotten so used to the purer taste of the water that having a regular glass of tap that's not charcoal filtered has started to taste a little funny to me! One of the best purchases/healthiest purchases of 2013!

4.  Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream (here)
Skin savior of Winter, hallelujah! If I was going to be stuck on a wintery desert island this would be my one luxury item!

3. A very mini lush haul (here)
I've used up everything from this little haul over the holidays - and of course, have stocked up since! I've always loved Lush but I have been more than just a little obsessed with it these past few months!

2. Birchbox UK December - Merry Birchbox (here)
Birchbox was a new one for me this year, after being let down on a regular basis by Glossybox I decided to try something different. So far I have loved all of my Birchboxes - and you all have too! The Christmas box has seen the most love from you lovely readers out of all of my box reviews!

1. Vampire Stat - a warning (here)
When I saw tons of hits popping up from Vampire stat I did a little digging - I don't know about you but just the title made me think it was something...sinister! Turns out I was right, this, and several other sites like it are not only giving us fake viewing statistics, they're causing us bloggers all kinds of virus related issues if we click through the links! Lot's of bloggers still don't know how dangerous these links are so I'm thrilled this is my most viewed post, and judging by the comments it's helped a lot of other bloggers out there too!

2013 has been a long year. It's been a year of change, of adventures, of growth and of fresh starts. Filled with it's up and downs, it's been an off the tracks roller-coaster ride that is finally coming to an end - and I'm getting off with a positive outlook for the year ahead.

Here's to a fun filled 2014!

Happy New Year everyone, enjoy yourselves, stay safe and stay tuned for the adventures ahead!