Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog O'Clock - Pros and Cons of everyday blogging

Part 1 : Intro

Back in late November I signed up for the #bigblogmasproject run by the adorable Cole, of Cole of the ball. She was starting up a 'blog everyday in December' challenge, and me, always looking for something new to do with the blog, thought it would be a ...brilliant...idea *insert sideways glance here*. I signed up, added my name to the ever growing challenge list and got planning.

My pre-December blogging schedule was roughly 3 new posts a week, so the thought of bumping this up to 7 was a little scary. I could do this...couldn't I? Blogging everyday is not easy, especially if you're looking to write good quality blog posts, with well edited pictures. Throw in the social media rounds you have to do for every new post and your looking at a good 1-2 hours minimum on each post, and that's only if you've already got a idea of what you want to write about in the beginning!

My plan of attack was simple - get a rough idea of what I want to write about, then complete as many posts in advance as possible.

Being December, I knew most of my posts would be Christmas related - hurrah! There is so much to write about for this time of year, so the ideas (to begin with) came thick and fast! I keep a 'blogging notebook' where I jot down all my post ideas and what day they're to go live on. This helped ten fold as I had an order in which to work on my posts and knew which date to schedule them for. It also meant I could get some 'easier' posts out of the way early on - e.g writing these quickly on lunch breaks in work. Sundays became my 'big write' days and I planned to get close to a weeks worth of posts written in one day.

Everything looks good on paper - and to begin with, it all did go quite swimmingly. The first week of December saw daily posts, and the 2nd week didn't do too badly either. Having my posts scheduled to go live meant I didn't even have to be at the computer to hit the 'publish' button, and I could work on my social media advertising during the commute home. But then December went and got all 'super epic Christmassey' on me and things came to a grinding halt.

Shopping, parties, visiting friends and family, wrapping and of course, the day job, all started to snowball. The up coming celebrations had given me tons of ideas for posts, but not the time to write them in. And so my daily blogging downfall began. I missed a day, which became a weekend, which became 'I'll be lucky to get a post up this week'. I got so wrapped up in the holidays that my blog took an unfortunate back seat. 

Maybe December wasn't the best time of year to take on a daily blogging challenge - and kudos to all those who did take it the daily vloggers cope I'll never know!

Here's my take on the pros & cons of my everyday blogging..

  1. Lots of fresh new content on the blog
  2. Increase in traffic due to daily social media advertising
  3. The blank 'create a new post' page has become less scary
  4. You become a much more organized blogger
  1. Not always having the time to write
  2. Once you miss one day - it's terribly easy to miss another and another
  3. Quality can become less of a priority when your just trying to get any old post up
  4. It's not easy to come up with content ideas
 A lot of the time I would have the main body of the post ready to rock 'n' roll but no pictures to add - taking them then editing them took up more time than writing the post and that was time on some evenings I just didn't have.

I would love to take up another daily blogging challenge some time in the New Year during a much quieter month!

Have you ever taken up a daily blogging challenge or are you a natural born daily blogger year round?

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great insight - while i've never done any of the blog every day tags, I did use to blog 5 times a week (Mon - Fri) and while it was great for boosting up my views and getting more followers, it was starting to feel too forced, that I was just making myself write to keep that up rather then writing my best.

    I stick around the 3/4 weekly posts now, there's no rhyme or reason to what I post or when but it feels a lot better then it use to.

    1. I'll be taking a break from every day blogging for a while I think! As fun as it was it became so much hassle to keep up with and it felt like it was sucking the fun out of blogging!

      3/4 posts a week suits me nicely too!

      Sarah :)