Sunday, 1 December 2013

November 2013 Favourites!

Kicking off this month as I do every month, here's a look at my November 2013 favourites!

The Body Shop - Vanilla & Tonka Bean scented candle

I picked this up on a whim during a card holder event, usually £10, I was offered a whopping 40% off making it just £6! Pay day was long off so I couldn't afford a Yankee splurge at that moment. It smelt pretty nice in store but the burn is where I would really see if it was worth the money. Picture me surprised when it turned out to be one of the loveliest, non synthetic vanilla scents to ever to fill my home and nostrils! It's been getting comments from everyone who’s been to visit since I started burning it and surprised looks all round when I tell them it's a Body Shop candle! 

It smells amazing! The vanilla is really strong and natural, though I'm not sure what the Tonka bean is suppose to smell like, all I smell is vanilla! It's been the perfect warm, comforting scent on these dark winter nights! I'd even go as far to say it's better than some of my Yankee candles! 

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk

This has been a life saver this month! With my body wrapped under layers of denim and jumpers, and the harsh winter weathers coming in, my skin has taken a battering! I really needed something that was going to get right into the layers of my skin and give it some much needed love - and this did just that! It leaves my skin feeling drenched in moisture and super hydrated, and did I mention the smell? Made with almond, cocoa, yoghurt, oats and honey, this smells as if you have just walked out of a scrumptious biscuit factory! If you apply after a shower/bath when your skin is still a little damp, it locks in the moisture, leaving your skin feeling twice and nourished. 

Lush Goodies

I’ve taken a few trips to Lush this month, more than usual! After being inspired by several hauls on YouTube and finding getting ready for the festive season just a touch on the stressful side, I needed some me time to just unwind, relax and be still. What better way than in a Lush filled bath! I’ve been working my way through their Christmas line, having so far tried; Star light, Star Bright, and Golden Wonder. They’ve really helped to calm me down and relax after a busy day Christmas shopping! 

From my November Birchbox!

Matriskin High Performance Cream

I got this in my November Birchbox and I really didn’t think it would make it to my favourites list but lookie here it has! I am loving this little pot of wonder. Full sized it comes in at a not so budget friendly £80. My skin has been having some really bad days this month with more breakouts than I care to remember – stupid seasonal changes! This has really helped to put some life back into my skin and calm breakouts I’m super impressed, it’s just a shame my budget wouldn’t cover a full sized purchase any time soon!

Quick & easy beef stir fry

Home Cooking

I’ve been unleashed in the kitchen this month and have finally gotten down to the business of really learning to cook. So far, the winner has to be my quick and easy beef stir fry, though my lasagne was not half bad either! I even managed a successful roast dinner! I’ve been trying to switch up my usual go to meals for some variety and home cooking whenever I can. I’ve been heating leftovers for lunch and switching out the usual salad sandwiches I take to work for rice and noodle options – all home made of course! 

Getting ready for Christmas!

Who hasn’t been loving this? The shop window displays, the music, the pop up stalls and picking out your advent calendar – I just love it all! I’ve never spent so much time in the city centre just taking it all in – and it’s only going to get bigger and better as we roll on into December! From Starbucks red cups to special festive menus and a mulled wine to go as I admire the Christmas lights, it’s easily my favourite time of the year! I’ve almost finished my Christmas shopping, my wardrobe is set for the festive season, and we get 2 pay days this month! The holidays are coming!

There you have it, my November 2013 favourites! What’s been your number one favourite thing this past month?

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