Monday, 9 December 2013

My little Christmas Tree

Aside from our main family tree (post upcoming!), I have my own little 4ft Christmas tree in my bedroom that I've slowly been building up a collection of decorations for over the last few years! Nothing beats a cozy winters night curled up in bed with the twinkling of mufti-coloured fairy lights at your side, it keeps yo feeling so festive! I don't have a plethora of decorations up in my bedroom but I do have my trusty tree!

Here's a quick look at some of the decorations gracing the branches this year. I've mostly gone for baubles baubles everywhere this year with just a few special exceptions!

This beautiful pink extra large Tinkerbell bauble was picked up at the Disney Store in the Florida Mall a couple of years a go! I love its colour and it's size, it's the biggest ornament on the tree! Originally my tree was nothing but Tinkerbell ornaments!

Shoes on a Christmas tree? Why not! Walt Disney World have released the most gorgeous selection of character themed shoe decorations this year. They're so different ad a little un-traditional, I love it! Here's the Belle shoe.

Obligatory Tinkerbell shoe!

This Tiana shoe from Princess & The Frog is just too beautiful!

One of my all time favourite ornaments on my tree! This is the 2010 'Secret Santa' by Lenox, a beautifully crafted porcelain Tinkerbell. I'm pretty sure it was limited edition too. It's so delicate and dainty!

Because everyone needs a 28k gold plated Cinderella carriage on their tree, right? This ornament is so precious to me and so fragile! I'm worried eveyr year I take it out the box!

Walt Disney World released these character themed Mickey ears about 2 years ago, the collection is astounding and we've managed to collect just a few. I purchased this Tangled one for my tree 2 years ago, it's one of my favourite Disney movies wth a brilliant soundtrack!

I've collected quite a big of Figment memorbilia over the years, he's become my little creative mascot, after all he is the Figment of imagination...get it? My parents brought this one back for me this year, it's the first Figment Christmas tree ornament we've ever come across!

Baubles! I picked this retro looking set of 6 character baubles up in the UK Disney Store post-Christmas sales for about £10! Bargains! usually these reside on the family tree but my parents didn't use them this year so I decided to pop them on my tree instead. 

My first ever Disney bauble collection was this 12 pack of classic Disney movies baubles. It includes Lady & the Tramp, Beauty & The Beast, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo to name just a few.

What's on your tree this year?

Happy holidays!

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