Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Gift Guide for Him - 2013

Gift guide for him -2013

Evening all, and welcome to my 2013 gift guide for him! Guys can be the hardest people to buy for if you ask me, especially when they tell you they want nothing for Christmas! They're more indecisive than we are, and you've got no chance of getting an ideas list off them until the very last minute! If you've got a man in your life who your not quite sure what to buy for this year, hopefully this little guide will give you some manly ideas!

1. Auto Glym Polished Perfect Kit (£16.99) If your gift-needing man loves anything other than you, it's probably his favorite toy - his car! These Auto Glym kits are not only great value for money, but they'll keep them so busy polishing up their car, they'll be out of your way long enough for you to enjoy the re-run of the Downton Abby Christmas special!

2. Take a Break - emergency food tin (£7.99) They do say a way to a mans heart is through his stomach! Perfect for midnight munchies, ideal to keep in the desk drawer at work or outside in their 'man shed', these tins are a great idea - and even better when filled with your guys favourite treats! Pair it with some home made Christmas shortbread and you're sure to put a smile on their faces!

3. Dirty gift set (£25.50) It's not that we;re trying to tell them their un-clean or anything, the name just sounds more manly than most other Lush products! If you guy has never managed to understand your obsession with Lush then this set is the perfect way to show him just why their shower gels and bath bombs get you so excited! Dirty smells amazing, like ocean fresh, it's sure to wake them up on boxing day morning after an indulgent Christmas day!

4. Cottage Delight Beer & Steak (£15) I love these foodie gift sets and what a perfect combination! Also, it's a great way to get your man to cook you dinner without even realizing he's doing so! They've paired the steak sauces and beers up to give you a flavorful explosion and culinary experience your both sure to enjoy - or go one step further and cook him up a romantic meal with his gift set!

5. Fitbit Flex (£79.99) If your guy is into sports and fitness and goes weak at the knees at just the mention of Nike, the Fitbit Flex is a great, much more affordable version of their Nike+ Fuel Band. It does pretty much everything to Fuel Band does, recording daily calories in and out, goals reached, steps walked etc etc, all those things guys just love to share with each other at the gym. Personally I prefer the colour to the Fuel Bands too!

6. Ted Baker Geometric socks & boxer set (£28) I don't care what men tell me, they can never have enough socks and underwear. Put a spin on the classic stocking stuffer by going for something a little more upmarket than cheesy Santa socks - at least with these Ted Baker ones they'll be able to wear them beyond the holiday season!

7. Los Pollos Hermanos Breaking Bad T-Shirt (£19.99) Any guy who was a fan of this hit series will have been saddened to see it come to a climactic end this year. What I love about this shirt is it's such a Breaking Bad reference, only other fans will actually get it! 

8. Breaking Bad complete DVD box set (£50) High up on every guys wish list this Christmas is bound to be the Breaking Bad box set, heck it's even on my wish list! I would love to watch that show again! If you haven't seen it, this is the perfect opportunity to snuggle down with your man as we continue through these cold winter nights and catch up on the most talked about show of 2013!

9. Jack Daniels Winter Jack Apple (£20.49) We all love a good festive scented candle or a Christmassy Starbucks red cup over the holidays, so why not a festivly themed bottle of Jack too? Any Jack connoisseur is sure to love finding this under the tree this year. The traditional Jacks whiskey mixed with apple cider and holiday spices, it's sure to warm your man up in all the right places! 

10. Coin Stash Keyring (£7.99) Never again will you have to fish around in the bottom of your purse for change for the car parking, vending machine or trolley! Guys are notorious for not carrying any change with them because wallets don't make for good coin purses! This neat little keyring gadget means they have no excuse now not to carry around a couple of extra quid!

There you have it, my fool proof gift guide for me! I know a few of the guys in my life will be finding these under their tree this year! What will you be buying the special man in your life this Christmas?

Happy Holidays!


  1. The Lush products is such a great idea! I took my boyfriend into Lush with me recently and while I was browsing he managed to get himself roped into trying out loads of the products. He loved getting messy but once we'd left the store and I suggested he try some of the men's range he point blank refused. 'They can't possible have anything manly in that shop?!' I think I'll take your suggestion to prove him wrong (he could do with a good wash too!). Nice post xx

    1. Thanks for the comment! The Dirty set is a great way to show guys that Lush isn't just for us girls! I'm sure your boyfriend will love the gift set - and hopefully have a new found love for Lush too :)

      Sarah :)