Monday, 2 December 2013

Gift Guide for Her - 2013

Christmas Gift Guide for her - 2013

Welcome to my 2013 gift guide for her! Looking for a little something for the lady in your life? Have a girl friend you just don't know what to buy for this year? I've pulled together a few of my favourite little ideas to hopefully give you some inspiration!

1. Best Dressed Nails (£16) This set is divine! Perfect polishes to compliment the holiday season and carry you straight into New Year. I've been loving my Nails Inc polishes this year, they're so durable and give a great even, shiny finish. They've released some fantastic polishes effects this year, such as feathers and even snow!

2. Adopt a Meerkat (£16.99) Who can resist that adorable little face? I just love these box sets, there's pretty much one for every animal (and planet!). Meerkats are by far my favorite, but love the 'name a star' and 'name a rose' sets you can get too! It makes a great personalized gift!

3. Vera Wang Princess (£35.50) For an all rounder fragrance that is sure to put a smile on any girls face, you really can't go wrong with a little Vera Wang,. not only is the bottle gorgeous, but the fragrance is perfect for any season! Don't just stop at Princess either, they have multiple versions of the classic Princess, including 'rock', and 'Lovestruck' is a perfect evening fragrance!

4. Relaxstation gift set (£20) Everyone needs a little Soap & Glory, I've yet to find a friend that doesn't want one of their gift sets every year! They've got some fantastic sets available this year for every budget! We all know how stressful the festive season can be, so I chose this Relaxstation set as the perfect gift for a dinner cooking mum! Pair it with a bottle of their favourite bubbly or box of tea bags and you'll get the biggest thanks of the season!

5. The Great Gatsby (£14.99) This made the list for purely selfish reasons I'll be honest - I really really want to find this under my tree this year! I missed my chance to see it on the cinema and it's such a me film! Who doesn't want a little DiCaprio keeping them company over the holidays?

6. Macaroon mug (£7.49) Mugs are a classic gift at Christmas, but this is a mug with a functional difference! I've fallen in love with macaroons this year, their colour and decadence, I'm instantly taken back to the French courts of Marie Antoinette. Who doesn't want a little French decadence in their life? These mugs are great, giving you a fill line for each ingredient you'll need to make your own macaroons! Just don't tell the ever looming January diet! 

7. Slim Lizzie slim line week to view 2014 diary (£5) For the not-so-organised amongst us, we all plan to get super organized in the New Year, and what better incentive than a cute diary? I love these slim line ones for throwing in my bag or keeping with me in work. I much prefer organizing my life on paper than in digital!

8. Vintage style free standing mirror (£22) What girl doesn't dream of having a cute free standing mirror on her dresser - it sure makes plucking our eyebrows easier! I love this elegant vintage free standing mirror, it's so cute and will fit in with most bedroom/bathroom styles. This would be great for a beauty addict paired with an eye palette!

9. How to fall in love - Cecilia Ahern (£11.99) Another selfish product I just had to add was Aherns new book! She is by far one of my favourite authors, and I always buy her books in physical form! Her style is so creative and whimsical, reality mixed with a little magic and lots of Irish charm. This would look great under my tree this year *hint hint*!

10. Purity made simple ornament (£9) I actually squeed out loud when I saw these over at the Philosophy counter. They are the cutest little things, strung up and ready to adorn your tree. The little travel sized bottle is the perfect introduction to Philosophy's skin care and will make a great holiday treat for the lady in your life. They're also doing a similar one with their 'Hope in a jar' moisturizer!

Hopefully this has given you some ideas! What would you like to see under your tree this year?

Happy Holidays!


  1. These are such cute gifts. Since seeing everybody elses wish lists/ gift guides my list just keeps growing! haha :D

    1. I had so much fun putting it together but now I keep seeing things I want to add to the list hehe! I just love Christmas gift shopping!

      Sarah :)