Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Gift guide 2013 - Stocking Fillers under £5

Gift Guide 2013 - Stocking Stuffers under £5

Sometimes the littlest gifts to get people can be the hardest to buy! If your looking for a final little gift, stocking filler or quick and easy Secret Santa gift for the office, here's a quick run down of 5 gifts under £5! They won't break the bank and are sure to put a smile on the recipients face!

1. Bobino Key Clip (£2.50) Is there a lady in your life whose bag can fit everything but the kitchen sink? Does she struggle at the door every night digging to the bottom of her bag looking for her house keys? Problem solved with this awesome little bag clip! You just clip it to an inside pocket and secure your keys to it - hey presto, o more key digging drama!

2. Chocolate coins (£1) An oldie but a goodie, you can't beat a bag of traditional chocolate coins in a Christmas stocking! I really love the ones you can get that are a mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate!

3. Hotel Chocolat milk chocolate Santas (£2.50) Hotel Chocolat is delicious and these little milk santas are just too cute! They make for a great little indulgent treat, especially when paired with a bottle of bubbly or a relaxing bath set!

4. Bookbrite Reading Light (£4.99) What I love about this is that the legs are super bendable and mold-able, so not only will it fit any book, but it can be attached to e-readers and tablets too! It's the perfect little gift for that book worm in your life, and would make a great additional gift to a book or e-reader!

5. Snap Macro lens for phone camera (£5) This has to be my favourite gift on the list! If you're someone like me who takes a lot of pictures with their phone, then this is perfect for capturing a sensational up close macro shot! If there's a budding photographer in your life who lives on Instagram then this would be a perfect treat for them! You can purchase a variety of lenses that will allow you to take professional shots with your phone!

What stocking filler are on you to-buy list this year?

Happy Holidays!

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