Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Reading List - 2013

I seriously love to immerse myself in the holidays! From Red cups, to salted caramel candles and cheesy reindeer jumpers. I want anything and everything Christmas from start to finish - so f course curling u with a little Christmas read or two is high p on my festive things to do list! The holidays are hectic, from shopping to get togethers, we all need a little down time, and for me that usually involves a bubble bath, brew and a good book. 

I love festive reads, they always keep you in a high holiday spirit and generally have oh so sugary too sweet happy endings. I've always geared more towards the chick lit genre at Christmas, it's just full of fun and feel good - exactly what I need this holiday season!

My list is short this year, mostly because these are the ones I really want to read and I can probably have them all read by the end of the holiday season!

Turns out this is the sequal to Meet me at the Cupcake cafe but I've been assured you don't need to have read the first one in order to know whats going on. There's a brief intro at the beginning catching you up on what went on n the previous book so you're all up to speed and can start on the story. At only 350 pages it's a nice light holiday read, looking at long distance relationships, motherhood, family and friends over the Christmas period. Following our main character, Issy, the love of her life has been whisked away to New York for a job opportunity - can she leave her now thriving business and loving friends behind to relocate with him?

When the family come together with all of their individual problems, they realise they all share one big problem. This could be their last Christmas together at their family home, Huntersbrook House. Pushed into financial difficulty, the three grown up children now have to come together as a family unit and try to save their beloved childhood home. Family life, it's trials and tribulations, I'm sure we can all relate to that over the holiday season!

A woman in financial difficulty starts to charge for little things like wrapping presents, decorating Christmas trees, writing Christmas cards etc - hello! Can I have a job like this? With word of her services on offer, our heroine, Cassie, launches into business as Mrs Christmas! When Mr Randall comes calling, wanting t give his children the most wonderful Christmas ever, Cassie suddenly finds herself in a desperate situation of love and lust, with a heart breaking choice offered to her that could change her entire life.

What's on your Christmas reading list this year? 

Happy Holidays!

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