Sunday, 8 December 2013

Christmas Organised with Wunderlist!

 Let’s face it, everything gets just a little crazy this time of year, especially when it comes to Christmas shopping. Be it for yourself, friends, family or that awkward secret Santa at the office, your shopping lists are usually endless – and written on scraps of paper that inevitable end up buried in the bottom of your bag

I know exactly how frustrating it feels to get home after hours of shopping to realize you forgot a card for your boyfriends mum or picked up a bottle of red wine for your boss when it should have been white. There is nothing worse than wrapping back up and trudging back out onto the manic high street. We should be enjoying ourselves, sampling the Christmas markets and making very obvious hints as to what we’ve love to find in our stocking this year from the other half. How do we do it?

For the last year, I have been using a great *free app on my iPhone called Wunderlist – and it has quite literally changed my life! For the first time ever I’ve bought all my gifts, wrapped them and wrote out all my Christmas cards, as well as pretty much anything else festive related you can think of, from office party outfit to pre-Christmas de-cluttering of the make up drawer (just incase there’s a palette or two under the tree this year!). I’ve ticked every last thing off my list and not forgotten a single card!

Wunderlist is a really easy-to-use app that helps keep everything in one easily accessible place. Now, I might be wrong, but I’m pretty sure you can hook it up to your PC and other devices too through your Wunderlist account, but I use mine solely on my iPhone – because I take that with me everywhere.

I was able to organize my main Christmas 2013 list into several sub lists for the individual people I was buying for, then on their list I am able to make a mini list of gifts and ideas, each with It’s own tick box. Each sub-list comes with a notes section (great for putting down prices or ideas) and an option to upload pictures (perfect if you see an item in a shop and what to snap it as a reminder to come back later and buy it!)

It really is that simple to use! I love how everything is so organized and in it’s own little list, no more losing scraps of paper in my bag! Once your special someone is all bought for you can tick them off the main list and they’ll grey out at the bottom (so you can still access your completed lists if you need to). It is so satisfying to see more grayed out lists than white still-to-be-done lists!

The list making doesn’t stop there either! I’ve been using it to jot down blog-post ideas when I’m on the go and inspiration strikes and for keeping notes and pictures for my restaurant reviews (so I don’t forget what meal came from what place!)

Get on over to the app store and give it a test run, it’s worked perfectly for me and I can now put my fluffy socked feet up and enjoy the holiday season knowing all my gifts etc are taken care of!

How are you keeping organized this Christmas? Do you use Wunderlist?

Happy Holidays!

((NOTE: This isn't a sponsored post, Wunderlist probably don't even know I exist - I just wanted to share with you all how I've managed to survive the Holiday shopping madness and stay organised this season!))

*The free version of the app is limited compared with the paid version but the free version is good enough for me so far!


  1. This sounds pretty neat! I might have to check it out. x


    1. It's really worth giving a go, it's made a huge difference to me and kept me so organized! I do love me a good to-do list!

      Sarah :)