Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas at the Liverpool World Museum

For our staff night out this year we booked ourselves into the Liverpool World Museum, they where hosting a Christmas party which included a cocktail reception, 2 course dinner, unlimited alcohol and soft drinks and entertainment. This (so I’m told) is the first year they have held a Christmas party at the museum, but they have been holding them over at Liverpools Maritime Museum for some time. I couldn’t find much of anything online telling me what to expect (let’s face it, as much as we love surprises, we google everything these days!). Christmas in the museum – it sounded like a brilliant idea to me!

The event was for up to 500 people – 49 of which consisted of my colleagues. That’s a lot of people to have in one venue. It cost £49pp, the majority of the money made goes back into the museum which I think is great! The event was held almost nightly for over 2 weeks!

Happy Dino-mass!

Arriving at the museum we walked up a pink carpet and checked in – no wrist band no entry (the wrist bands where given out a couple of days prior to the party). Once inside the main foyer we were greeted with cosmopolitan cocktails and bottled beers. The cosmo was ok but very very sweet and didn’t taste alcoholic at all. It was nice enough but I couldn’t have had more than one it was just that sweet. After milling around in the museum foyer and checking our coats we headed up to the 2nd floor, the bug floor, where the party would be held.

Sadly, it wasn’t in the exhibit itself. None of the exhibition areas where open at any point of the night which is sensible but a shame. It would have been great if we could have gone up to the planetarium! On the 2nd floor they have a really large open space that once housed the temporary city library. This was where the party would be held. Inside it was much bigger than I remembered from its library days with large round tables everywhere but not cramped on top of each other – massive bonus there! They had two sections set up and each section had its own bar and carvary station. The dance floor was pretty huge too. 

The tables where decorated simply but it still looked lovely. Each table sat 10-12 people and you got a cracker and party favour box between two people. How does the seating work? On your way into the room there is a big seating plan on the door telling you what tables your party has been allocated. They did a great job keeping the tables near each other and you just sat yourselves how you liked once inside. Once the table appeared full and settled you where invited to go up and get your first course – a full Christmas roast dinner. Your meat selection included beef, turkey and ham and you could have a slice of one or a combination of all three which I thought was great. I went for the ham and beef and both where delicious. They served up all the trimmings, gravy and cranberry sauce – and you could help yourself to Yorkshire puddings which where probably the nicest thing on the plate (I might have helped myself to one or two too many!).

Throughout the meal and the rest of the evening they had staff walking around all the tables carrying bottles of red, white and rose. They where happy to top of your glass whenever you asked and it meant you didn’t have to go anywhere near the bar for a drink. The bar staff where great, very efficient and helpful. They had a great deal of spirits and mixers on. On tap they had Stella 4 which you could get by the pint or pitcher.

After the main meal dishes had been cleared away we got a choice of dessert; Christmas pudding or chocolate yule log. I went with the yule log and it was great. I got a huge, thick slice which was a surprise and it was really nice. I did get to try the Christmas pudding too which was full of fruit and very yum! Im pretty sure it was served with a white brandy sauce too.

They did attempt to get some party games on the go but there were very few takers. Most people were too interested in their own groups, food and drink which is no surprise! Party games skipped over, the music went up a notch and everyone hit the dance floor.

Around 11pm they served up a late night snack of crusty rolls with a choice of bacon or cheese. They where delicious and just what you needed before heading home! The bar closed around midnight and the music kept going till 1am. The evening had started at 7.30pm so it was a really long, but enjoyable night and for the price you can’t fault it! I would highly recommend it if you’re organising your offices next Christmas night out – I have a feeling we’ll be back next year!

What did you do for your works Christmas night out this year?

Happy Holidays!

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