Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Food-views! Zizis Menu Classico - Liverpool One

Over the weekend, the most wonderful Ginger I know and I decided to tackle our Christmas shopping head on. We got ourselves suited, booted, and headed into the throngs of festive shoppers to try to get our hands on some holiday treats for friends and family.

It’s hungry work let me tell you! We spent a whopping 7 hours handing over cash, cards and a limb or two and were in desperate need of refueling! We popped into Zizis in Liverpool One and booked ourselves a table – much advised as this place has been crazy busy over the weekends anywhere around lunch time!
Every table was full when we arrived at our pre-booked time, they even had upstairs open and in use – something I rarely see so it just goes to show how busy it was, and this was at 2.30pm. Luckily our table was just being prepped so we didn’t have to wait long to be seated. We got a corner table next to the windows, great for shopper-watching as the world went by!

We decided to order off the Classico menu, a 3 course set menu for £16.95 per person, with a limoncello to finish.

The starter came out pretty quickly after ordering. This set menu offers a shared starter; tomato and pesto bread, garlic bread with mozzarella, cured meats, calamari and mixed olives. The breads and cured meats were scrumptious and complemented each other wonderfully. I did brave a calamari ring but I just cannot stand the texture and how chewy it is. It tasted so bland; I wasn’t going back for another! Neither of us are fans of mixed olives either so they were left rolling around the board.  In all, a nice, light starter.

For mains, we both went with the Rigatoni con pollo e funghi, a concoction of pasta tubes with chicken in a tomato, onion, mushroom and rosemary sauce. The chicken was so tender and moist; it tasted wonderful and was served piping hot! You got loads of pasta too! The sauce was delicious, with thick slices of onion, which I love. The mushrooms were soft and well cooked and it all went together beautifully. Some garlic bread on the side would have gone amazingly in that sauce! Portion size was perfect and it really filled me right up! As stuffed as I was I probably could have polished off another one it was so delicious!
Now, this is where my review becomes unfortunately less that favorable. Don’t get me wrong, the place was jam packed when we first went in, but it had started to slow down by time we had finished our mains. Staff seemed to be flitting about all over the place but from our position in the very corner, nobody seemed to notice we had finished. We didn’t mind at first, it’s always nice to have a break between courses, but when that break hits the 20+ minutes mark you do start to feel pretty forgotten about.

Eventually a different server came to clear our table and take our dessert order; we both went for the Torta Limone. We also asked for the bill at the same time so we wouldn’t have to wait just as long for that.
Dessert was lovely, a very sharp, tangy lemon tart sprinkled with icing sugar and lemon zest. It was the perfect way to end the meal, light enough to not leave us feeling over stuffed but a decent sized slice that put a smile on both our faces.

I don’t know if it’s because we asked for the bill, or because our waitress had changed, but the limoncello was nowhere to be seen. It was no use trying to get any attention and the day was pushing on, the sky was darkening and we still had shops to hit before the parking fees went through the roof. So that, I cannot comment on, which is a shame because I’ve never had one before!

I do love Zizis, but the last few occasions I have been specifically to the one in Liverpool One, the staff have seemed thin on the ground and rushed off their feet! With the holiday season fast approaching, I do hope they take on some extra staff! The food you can’t fault, it’s always well cooked and delicious, but the service could be improved!

Have you eaten here before? Thoughts?

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  1. looks yummy !! xx