Friday, 22 November 2013

Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Review

Nothing beats bath time with a Lush bubble bar! Especially when you're feeling a little poorly and in need of some serious TLC! I’ve been pretty under the weather this past week so I was looking for a comforting pick me up – look no further than the deliciously sweet Creamy Candy Bubble Bar to do just that!

Marketed as, ‘I want candy but not the calories’ this candy floss pink bubble bar wants to just foam right up and give you a hug. It smells as if you just walked into a sweet shop – I think it smells a lot like Parma Violets and vanilla, so delicious! It originally started out life as a bath melt and after being turned into a bubble bar it has lost none of its essential skin nourishing oils that leave your skin feeling so supple and soft. Its ingredients include cocoa butter, almond oil and vanilla, making it an unbelievable moisturizer!

I got one mega bubbled bath out of this, but I could have easily cut it into two and got two baths out of it – I was just too eager to use it at the time! I find it works best to break off small chunks and crumble them slowly under running hot water; otherwise, you end up with congealed chunks in the bottom of the bath – not so pleasant! (IF you end up with these congealed chunks, just scoop them up and swirl them around in the water until they dissolve). The water instantly feels thicker and silky to the touch and the bubbles smell amazing, they remind me of the infamous Snow Fairy shower gel! Make sure you rub these bubbles all over you skin for a light fragrance that lingers throughout the day – and you skin will feel even more moisturized too! No need for any extra moisturizing once you get out the bath! This bar is the perfect addition to an evening bath, afterwards you’re so relaxed you just want to slip into some super cozy pajamas and pop the kettle on!

I felt so relaxed in my creamy candy bath, it really did make me feel much better! The water had gone cool by time I was getting out and there was still a ton of bubbles floating around the bath! I find Lush bubble bars have much more bubble-staying power than most liquid bubble baths you can buy.
At £2.50 a bar it’s a great little treat for yourself or someone special! If your buying for a Lush-newbie, this would make a great ‘getting to love Lush’ product (let’s face it, after one go of this bubble bar they’ll be just as hooked on Lush as the rest of us!)

Have you tried the Creamy Candy bubble bar? 

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