Monday, 14 October 2013

Maybelline The Falsies Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara Review & Pictures!


Picked this up in my local Boots on a ‘buy one get one half price’ deal a couple of weeks ago! Full price, it’s £7.99. Let’s face it, every beauty guru and their dog are wearing this right now – and after seeing it yet again in a monthly faves review I just had to go and see for myself what all the hype was about!

Solid, purple with electric blue writing and highlights, it looks pretty bad ass on the dresser.

So what exactly is The Falsies all about? Maybelline say its false lashes in a tube, boosting your eye-popping power by up to 300% (Where do they get these numbers from?) I’m not the biggest fan of false lashes so anything that can give me the same effect without me risking gluing my eyes shut is already earning brownie points!
I’m no science boffin, so I can’t say much about the formula – it doesn’t sound much different to any of my other mascaras though! The secret weapon of the Falsies is its wand. That is what seems to be giving it the elitist status around the beauty community. The wand is on a hinge, which they say gives you more control, but the brush itself is curved, much like a spoon. Not only is this coating more lashes in one go, but it is fanning them out, adding a curl and pretty much reaching from corner to corner in one swift motion! The fanned out lashes open up your eyes massively – and that is before we’ve even used our eyelash curlers!

Like any other mascara, load it up and go to town on your eyes. I generally find 1 – 2 coats is more than enough to give me the dramatic lash effect I’m looking for. Any more an the lashes start to do that spider leg impression which I really really dislike!

It really does open up the eyes, and adds a huge amount of volume – though I’m not sure it’s 300%! My eyelashes look bigger and fuller meaning I don’t have to go playing around with real false lashes (can we say real false? Looks like!). I think for the price it’s an absolute bargain. I’ve had higher end products like YSL that haven’t come as close to giving me the same effect or staying power. No fall out either – unless you do one too many coats!

It’s pretty much impossible to get all your lashes covered in one fell swoop – but that’s a big ask for any product! Its waterproof too but I got caught out in the rain a couple of days ago whilst wearing this and had the slightest ‘could me mistaken for a smoky eye’ smudge line. I am struggling for bad comments to be honest!

Worth the hype? Yes. For the price, you’re getting so much from this one product. It’s easily become a staple in my beauty bag – and I can see it staying that way for a while too!

Have you give in to the Falsies yet? 

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