Thursday, 31 October 2013

Blog O'clock - an intro

Oh my poor poor blog,  am so sorry you've been abandoned lately! Blame work and the real world and my severe lack of energy this past week or so! EEK! It's been annoying the glitter out of me that I haven't been able to get any posts up - and I was doing so well too!

Seriously, how do the - 'I have to work a day job and blog at the same time' people manage to do this? Is there a secret I have yet to be let in on? Tell me!!!

*insert manic googiling, youtubing and blog reading for way too long here*

Now that I've sufficiently wasted even more time procrastinating working online, I can safely say....there is no answer...there are hundreds. Well, that's helpful!

So many methods, so many different ways, some work for one blogger, some don't work for the next blogger - that mean no map, no guide book, no step-by-step how to tutorial with cute background music. 'm on my own lovely readers, on my own!

*Finding my zen*


I love to write, I love to blog, I love to read other blogs, to get involved in the community we have online - it's just a shame real life really does get in the way. Have you ever felt like this? Have you ever wondered how the other bloggers out there do it, how some even manage it daily? I used to think it looked so easy - until I started blogging.

It's all about time. Setting in stone a set time to write, to tweet, to blog hop and pinterest your pretty blog headers. So, that's what I'm going to do.

November, filled with Nanowrimo madness and Christmas shopping, is probably the worst month for me to add on another commitment but, that's what this blog is all about, my adventures in this wonderland we call life. I'm not saying I'll find the secret to productive blogging in a month, but I'll be sure to let you lovely readers know how I'm getting on (if in fact you're seeing awesome new shiny posts then I must be doing something right!)

The Plan

I'll be doing a minimum of 3 posts here on the blog a week. This does not include my planned Nanowrimo update posts once a week.

I'll be using the Wunderlist iPhone app to keep track of any post ideas that come to mind, which should hopefully help me to avoid writers block and the glare of the blank page. I'll also be keeping a paper based schedule of what posts will be going up on what days and giving each one a pretty pink tick upon completion and publishing.

I'm going to write most of my posts at the weekend - usually on a Sunday, then schedule them to go live on a set day - that way I can spend more time blog hopping, promoting and catching up with shows in the Sky+ box!

It all sounds pretty simple, but when you're trying to carve time out of an already bustling schedule, you simple realize that some days just don't have enough hours - of you haven't had enough caffeine!

Well, lets see how this goes...

How do you find the time to blog? What are your blogger insider secrets?

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  1. Hi!
    I just love the 'way you blog'. It feels like I'm really talking to you I don't know, I like it! I'm in school so that's probably why I have the time to blog ;)
    Hi! Great start!
    You already have a header and stuff, I'm impressed ;D
    Anyway, welcome to the blogging world!