Wednesday, 9 October 2013

20 Random Questions tag!

Another week - another tag post! Courtesy of the beautiful Ginger @ Just Add, she's provided me with 20 random questions which I haven't prepared for or anything! Without further rambling lets go!

1) What is your number one beauty tip?

Pat your skin loving lotions and potions onto damp skin. Your skin absorbs much more product and you'll get an even application all over your face! Think I learnt this years back fom the oh so lovely Michelle Phan.

2) You're hosting a dinner party, which 5 celebrities/historical/public figures would you invite?
Jiro Ono, Michael Collins, Don Hahn, Walt Disney and Marie Antoinette! Pretty sure that lot could inspire me to do more!

3) Winter or Summer?
Summer! I really don't like being cold!

4) Who is your favourite Disney character and why?
Tinkerbell. She's always been my favourite. She's so cute and sassy and fiercely loyal.

5) If you got given £500 right now, what would you spend it on?
I'd put it towards a trip to Sorrento, Italy. I really want to go there, it's just so beautiful and the food, oh the food! It looks amazing!

6) Would you rather drink a bogie smoothie or eat a hair sandwich?
Bogie smoothie! Imagine getting all that hair stuck between your teeth? And the thought of it getting stuck in your throat? No thanks!

7) Best memory of the past year?
I'd have to say this past weekend, going to York was just brilliant! I've never been and had an amazing time, so chilled out and relaxed, lots of good food, good wine and good company! It was perfect!

8) Hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/music playing device.... What song is on?
Marc Cohn - Walking in Memphis

9) What is your biggest vice?
Chocolate, especially when I know I shouldn't be eating it because it makes me feel so ill sometimes. I just can't say no dammit!

10) What are your top 3 goals for yourself?
1 - get a new job
2 - get organised
3 - write more

11) Favourite beauty product of the moment?
Has to be my Rimmel wake me up concealer, I'd be lost without it!

12) The best ride at Walt Disney World is?
Tower of Terror! It's been my all time favourite since my first trip to Walt Disney World! I love the theming, the lobby, the music, the random drop sequences and the views from the top!

13) What is the one dish you would cook to impress somebody?
Red Velvet with a vanilla frosting - everybody loves cake!

14) What's an annoying habit that you have?
I will ask you are you ok - a bazillion times a day! I annoy myself by doing it so I can only imagine how the rest of you must feel! I also fidget - ALOT!

15) What did you dream about last night?
I dreamt I was in work and they were having a serious discussion about putting a roller-coaster down the corridor!

16) What was your favourite childhood tv show?
The first one that comes to mind is Sabrina the Teenage Witch - but I have a few favourites! Saved by the Bell, Sister Sister and Boy Meets World too!

17) Favourite animal?
Pug! I will have one someday, and yes, I will probably make it wear a stupid (but adorable) jumper!

18) Would you rather sneeze glitter or cough rainbows?
Glitter sneezes! Everything and everyone would be so pretty and shiny!

19) What is your greatest personal achievement?
Probably my Masters in Writing Studies. I worked really hard for it and met some amazing people along the way too!

20) Where do you hope to be in 10 years time?
When I close my eyes and think about my life in 10 years time I see...a powder blue detached house with a wrap around garden and bright white window frames, 2 kids are playing on a swing set in the back. I'll have my own little office, with floor to ceiling shelves filled with books, some even have my name on the cover! There will be pictures all over the house and a passport full of stamps in my drawer - and a hubby in the kitchen making me noodles!

How would you answer the above?

You can check out Gingers response to the 20 random questions I set her here!

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