Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Where do I come from? Blogtember 2013

Why ease yourself in at the shallow end when you can launch yourself in at the deep end? I figured giving the Blogtember challenge over at  Story of my Life was the perfect way to get back to blogging!

I'm loving most of the prompts the lovely Jenni has provided for all weekdays in September - and I've got a few ideas for the ones I want to substitute out. Honestly, as long as I am writing - I really don't care!

So without further ado (aka unrequested rambling) I present to you the first Blogtember prompt!

Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.
If someone was to come along and cut me open (metaphorically speaking of course!) what would pour out from inside of me? What makes me...me? I can feel a list coming on...

  1. Half used pens
  2. Hardback notebooks
  3. Cake - of any kind
  4. A reading list I will never complete
  5. Over steeped green tea
  6. Walt Disney World planning dvd
  7. A never ending list of projects
  8. Lightbulbs
  9. Superfluous words 
The People
Family, friends, the people I've met along the way so briefly who have had a big impact on my life. The people who I am likely to never meet who will never know me or how they have helped shape me. And a big round of applause goes to the fictional characters (c'mon we all have them!) who stayed with me long after the books finished. 
The Places
Believe it or not, it's a toss up between two places (not that I've traveled far and wide across the globe). For me is Cornwall, Uk, or, Walt Disney World, FL...I bet some of you only expected to see one of those answers! You all know about my love of WDW so I won't go into all the pixie dust filled details today...but Cornwall holds some very special memories for me as a kid. It was an adventure back then, the long drive down listening to my Mums terrible taste in music and singing along at the top of my voice to You'll never Walk Alone just to annoy my Dad. My brother and our body boards - thinking we could paddle across the ocean with them. Looking out at the world from Lands End and realizing the endless possibilities beyond the horizon. 
I wonder how these answers will change in years to come. 

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