Monday, 30 September 2013

Autumn skin care guide!

Crunchy leaves, early sunsets, boots and a changing wind blowing in, Autumn is here. Autumn is one of my favourite times of year for change, maybe it's because of September - for too many years September marked the start of a new school year, with shoes that pinched your toes and an always too long blazer, everything was new, and that's what Autumn means to me. New challenges, a fresh boost of enthusiasm and excitement, don't you just get all tingly thinking about it? (That could be because I've left the window open though!)

As with all things that must change for Autumn, from the browning leaves to swapping ballet pumps for boots - so too must our skin routine. I find that Autumn is a pretty bad time in the skin care calender, it's such a mixed bag We can't fully ditch our summer products but our winter moisturisers are still too heavy for this changing season. Our skin is loosing that summer glow and the heating is getting turned up in doors, causing our skin to dry out and look a little dreary. What do we do?

Body brushing

From top to toe, start every day with a good dry body brushing (if you have very dry skin or eczema then don't do this!). This helps to boost circulation to the skins surface, remove dead skin cells and make way for new ones to come through and shine. This will give you an all over glow and help to keep your skin smooth. I love my Boots Botanics Detox Brush for all over body brushing, and for the face I'd suggest The Body Shops Facial Brush with lid for the face! This little gem works perfectly with your cleanser to clean deep into the pores and remove dead skin cells.

Facial Brush with lid

Again, from top to toe! Go for a slightly heavier moisturiser, like Palmers Cocoa Butter or the trusty E45 Nourish & Restore. What I like about both is they are a light formula, smell delicious and they will repair your sun damaged skin, giving it the nourishment it needs to carry you into winter before the heavy duty lotions come out! Look for vitamin boosting shower gels too, like Molton Brown vitalising vitamin AB+C bath and shower to give your skin that extra boost.

For your face, keep your daily moisturiser light (and with SPF goodness) and apply a heavier facial moisturiser of an evening. Sleeping is not only amazing for your skin, but those 8+ hours a night give the products the best time to work on your skin, leaving you with a wide awake, plump and youthful face come sunrise! I absolutely love the Benefit B.right total moisture facial cream, even though its designed for day wear, I've been known to use it as a night cream. It's a rich cream moisturiser, which for oily skin is generally a no-no, but used sparingly of an evening, my skin has been full and fresh come morning. I find it's a great repair cream after a day cooped up at work with the heating on full blast, it gives my skin a good hydration boost!


Autumn is the perfect time for a little extra me time! Gone is the rush of summer and here we are in the pre-Christmas season. Now is the perfect time for an extra long soak in the bath, to splash out on a massage or facial.  Now that we have a little down time, it's the perfect time to indulge in ourselves! I'm eyeing up the Aromatherapy Associates Renewing & Reviving beauty bag as a very indulgent treat, or the more affordable Sanctuary Spa me time treats. For skin care, the Dr.Hauscka Radiant You Sampler sets out to normalise and rebalance the skin, perfect for the pre Christmas party season!


As the green leaves crisp up and turn beautiful shades of yellows and browns, so too must your shimmery bronzers and popping pinks of summer. I'm an all out neutrals girl when it comes to make-up so Autumn suits me just fine! Lots of warm tones! I love the Sleek au natural palate for this time of year. It's the perfect balance of day to night neutrals, with some lighter shades for the early autumn days, and deep burgandys and moss colours as we settle in for the season. Bare Minerals Buxom Lips in Sugar complements any neautral look with just a touch of shimmer too. It's easily my most worn and favourite from that range!

Sleek Au Natural 601

How are you changing your skin care for the autumn season?

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