Sunday, 8 September 2013

August 2013 Favourites!

What was I loving in August? Let's find out!


Vaseline essential moisture

Picked this up in Tesco for £1.50 - bargain! I wasn't expecting much, I have yet to find a Vaseline moisturizer I really like, but this one was a surprise! It has a really nice fresh smell to it and your skin feels so fresh it's like you've just stepped out of the shower. My skin felt noticeable softer too! Non-greasy after use, but you you do need to wait a minute or two before you put clothes on, if you don't let it sink it tights can be a tangle!

Repurchase? Maybe. I think this is actually a great summer to autumn transitional product! Not too light but not too heavy either, great before we bring out the big guns for winter!

The Body Shop: Hemp hand Protector

Picked this up during a Body Shop sale for around £8, usually £10. I loved the almond hand cream but was in need of something a little more heavy duty as I've been getting super dry hands lately. I fell in love with the smell of this one, it reminds me of a lime cordial (though I seem to be the only person who smells it!). The creme itself is pretty thick, so you only need a small blob each time you use it which means it's going to last a while! It also isn't as greasy as their almond hand creme - bonus!

Repurchase? For winter, it could be a winner!

Maybelline: The Mega Plush Volum Express

Picked up in Boots for around £8 - instant love! I'd gone in looking to pick up The Falsies but it wasn't in stock and this seemed like the next best thing. For me, it is absolutely perfect for day time wear, one coat and I'm good to go. It really opens up my eyes and fills the lashes. 2 - 3 coats take it into a strong evening eye, but this is when it starts to get a little to clumpy for my liking! I seem to get a lot more fall out too :/

Repurchase? From the Maybelline line yes, I still want to try the infamous Falsies! This particular one I won't be rushing back for! 


 Kindle Cover

Finally got my Kindle a proper cover! Picked this bright beauty up in W H Smiths for £9.99, should have been £19.99 but I had a voucher! Its so bright and pretty with a suede interior that's really soft to the touch. My Kindle is super secure and snug!

The Age of Miricles - Karen Walker
Close my eyes - Sophie McKenzie
This is how it ends - Kathleen MacMahon

Found all of the above off the Richard and Judy Current Reads: Summer 2013 as I was after a quick purchase and their lists never fail me! Hoping to get some reviews up soon! All bought on Kindle for £2 or less!


 Black and Blum charcoal filter water bottle

Picked this up at Utility for £15! I wasn't planning on spending so much on a water bottle but I had been hearing pretty good things about these and their charcoal filters! I'm trying not to buy and re-use regular water bottles so I figured if I make an investment I'm more likely to stick to it! I was a little skeptical at first but I've got to admit, the water does taste different! It tastes much fresher, especially the water from the taps in work! I'll be doing a full write up on this soon!

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