Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Saloca in Wonderland - The best posts of 2013!

Saloca in Wonderland came back to life in September this year after a very long hiatus - so I can't quite do a 'best of' for the whole year - but I can do a 'best of' selection for the posts that happened since it's re-birth!

Counting down the top 5 posts of 2013....

5. Black + Blum eau good charcoal filter water bottle (here)
I'm still using this bottle everyday and I'm still loving it! I've gotten so used to the purer taste of the water that having a regular glass of tap that's not charcoal filtered has started to taste a little funny to me! One of the best purchases/healthiest purchases of 2013!

4.  Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream (here)
Skin savior of Winter, hallelujah! If I was going to be stuck on a wintery desert island this would be my one luxury item!

3. A very mini lush haul (here)
I've used up everything from this little haul over the holidays - and of course, have stocked up since! I've always loved Lush but I have been more than just a little obsessed with it these past few months!

2. Birchbox UK December - Merry Birchbox (here)
Birchbox was a new one for me this year, after being let down on a regular basis by Glossybox I decided to try something different. So far I have loved all of my Birchboxes - and you all have too! The Christmas box has seen the most love from you lovely readers out of all of my box reviews!

1. Vampire Stat - a warning (here)
When I saw tons of hits popping up from Vampire stat I did a little digging - I don't know about you but just the title made me think it was something...sinister! Turns out I was right, this, and several other sites like it are not only giving us fake viewing statistics, they're causing us bloggers all kinds of virus related issues if we click through the links! Lot's of bloggers still don't know how dangerous these links are so I'm thrilled this is my most viewed post, and judging by the comments it's helped a lot of other bloggers out there too!

2013 has been a long year. It's been a year of change, of adventures, of growth and of fresh starts. Filled with it's up and downs, it's been an off the tracks roller-coaster ride that is finally coming to an end - and I'm getting off with a positive outlook for the year ahead.

Here's to a fun filled 2014!

Happy New Year everyone, enjoy yourselves, stay safe and stay tuned for the adventures ahead!

Monday, 30 December 2013

Blog O'Clock - Pros and Cons of everyday blogging

Part 1 : Intro

Back in late November I signed up for the #bigblogmasproject run by the adorable Cole, of Cole of the ball. She was starting up a 'blog everyday in December' challenge, and me, always looking for something new to do with the blog, thought it would be a ...brilliant...idea *insert sideways glance here*. I signed up, added my name to the ever growing challenge list and got planning.

My pre-December blogging schedule was roughly 3 new posts a week, so the thought of bumping this up to 7 was a little scary. I could do this...couldn't I? Blogging everyday is not easy, especially if you're looking to write good quality blog posts, with well edited pictures. Throw in the social media rounds you have to do for every new post and your looking at a good 1-2 hours minimum on each post, and that's only if you've already got a idea of what you want to write about in the beginning!

My plan of attack was simple - get a rough idea of what I want to write about, then complete as many posts in advance as possible.

Being December, I knew most of my posts would be Christmas related - hurrah! There is so much to write about for this time of year, so the ideas (to begin with) came thick and fast! I keep a 'blogging notebook' where I jot down all my post ideas and what day they're to go live on. This helped ten fold as I had an order in which to work on my posts and knew which date to schedule them for. It also meant I could get some 'easier' posts out of the way early on - e.g writing these quickly on lunch breaks in work. Sundays became my 'big write' days and I planned to get close to a weeks worth of posts written in one day.

Everything looks good on paper - and to begin with, it all did go quite swimmingly. The first week of December saw daily posts, and the 2nd week didn't do too badly either. Having my posts scheduled to go live meant I didn't even have to be at the computer to hit the 'publish' button, and I could work on my social media advertising during the commute home. But then December went and got all 'super epic Christmassey' on me and things came to a grinding halt.

Shopping, parties, visiting friends and family, wrapping and of course, the day job, all started to snowball. The up coming celebrations had given me tons of ideas for posts, but not the time to write them in. And so my daily blogging downfall began. I missed a day, which became a weekend, which became 'I'll be lucky to get a post up this week'. I got so wrapped up in the holidays that my blog took an unfortunate back seat. 

Maybe December wasn't the best time of year to take on a daily blogging challenge - and kudos to all those who did take it on...how the daily vloggers cope I'll never know!

Here's my take on the pros & cons of my everyday blogging..

  1. Lots of fresh new content on the blog
  2. Increase in traffic due to daily social media advertising
  3. The blank 'create a new post' page has become less scary
  4. You become a much more organized blogger
  1. Not always having the time to write
  2. Once you miss one day - it's terribly easy to miss another and another
  3. Quality can become less of a priority when your just trying to get any old post up
  4. It's not easy to come up with content ideas
 A lot of the time I would have the main body of the post ready to rock 'n' roll but no pictures to add - taking them then editing them took up more time than writing the post and that was time on some evenings I just didn't have.

I would love to take up another daily blogging challenge some time in the New Year during a much quieter month!

Have you ever taken up a daily blogging challenge or are you a natural born daily blogger year round?

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Eve traditions

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house…

In a way, I probably enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas day itself, which sounds like a bit of a weird thing to say, but bear with me on this.

Christmas day starts with a ripped wrapping paper rampage, a cooked breakfast…and then stillness. Sure we have all our new gizmos and gadgets to play with and yes, it is perfectly acceptable to eat half a selection box with breakfast but between breakfast and Christmas dinner, not much else happens! So we’re pretty much just waiting around for Christmas dinner, maybe we’ll watch some Christmas specials on tv or a Christmas dvd, but we’re just waiting. Dinner is finally served, we eat until we can’t eat any more – and then we have dessert and After Eights, wine and brews, we pull crackers and tell really bad jokes, then complain about the mountain of washing up and how we really shouldn’t had had that last roast potato.

And with that, it’s done. Christmas is pretty much over once dinner is finished with and the last of the dishes has been put away. Done, dusted, months of shopping and planning and it’s over with in just a few hours. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still the Downton Abbey special to look forward to!

Christmas Eve…that’s a different story. Christmas Eve is all about the build up and excitement. I’ll be in work during the day but it’ll be quite, we’ll have a good laugh and just watch the minutes tick by. Maybe an early finish, a quick drink to toast the festivities, a battle with public transport to get home. Once I’m home I’ll wrap some last minute gifts, maybe prep some food for the next day. Then, once we’re all home from work we’ll get changed and head out to the cinema. We’ve done this every year since I was old enough to sit through a film and I love it. Usually we see whatever is the most Christmassy film out but pretty much anything will do. Afterwards we’ll pick up a take away or cook up a massive pizza feast once we get home. Then there’s the ‘Christmas shower’, you know what I’m talking about! You pull out your favourite toiletries that you’ve been saving especially for this night, maybe jump in the bath with a Christmas Eve Lush bath bomb! Of course, no Christmas Eve is complete without new pjs!

The night will usually end with films, board games and a few drinks, all still filled with the excitement that only Christmas can bring. This is why I love Christmas Eve, it’s about as Christmassy a day you can get but it isn’t over in just a few hours, it lasts the day through and you still have so much to look forward to the next day.

Our Christmas Eve has been a long standing tradition for years in our house, and even when I finally fly the nest and get my own place I can still see me coming back every Christmas Eve for the same traditions, then carrying on them when I have a family of my own someday.

What’s your Christmas Eve tradition?

Happy Holidays!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Lush - Merry Christmas Bath Bomb Gift Box

I never thought I could fall in love with a glitter covered box (let's get real, it was inevitable!), but it's happened. When the Merry Christmas bath bomb box finds it's way under your Christmas tree, you're entitled to get a little more than excited!

No, I didn't go opening my Christmas presents early - this was a gift from a wonderful friend and I just go so excited I just had to share it with you all. Part of me wishes I had a swimming pool sized tub I could just dump the entire box in at once and watch the crazy magic happen - but then another part of me really wants to savor each delight that comes in the box - and boy oh boy to you get a few delights in here!

Not 1, not 2, not even 3...but 5 bath bomb beauties are inside just waiting to be experienced!

  1. Lord of Misrule 
  2. Cinders
  3. Father Christmas
  4. Golden Wonder
  5. Christmas Eve bubble bar
I've already tried out the Golden Wonder and..wow...there is a reason so many people rave about this particular little bath bomb of happiness! I can't wait to try out the other products, they should keep me Lush-ed up come the New Year!

I actually thought Lord of Misrule and Cinders where part of the October/November collections for Bonfire Night/Halloween but I could be wrong. You won't catch me complaining though - these things contain popping candy! Bath time suddenly got explosive! Can't say I've ever had an explosive bath time before! That should wake me right up after a long week at the day job!

If you're looking for a very last minute gift for that special lady in your life then you can't go wrong with this gift set! I am 110% in love with it. The box itself is covered in glitter with a very festive gold spotty bow tied on top - so you don't even need to worry about wrapping paper! Just fill in the gift tag and nestle it under their tree - they'll be thanking you for it all day!

Happy Holidays!

((Note: There's a good chance this Christmas themed goodie might go down in ££ during the sales like most of their Christmas merchandise so you might want to keep your eyes peeled for a bargain!))

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Winter Wonderland Tag

I do love me a good tag post! I found this over on Organized Jen's Vlogidays and just knew I had to give it a go myself!

 Let’s jump right in with the Winter Wonderland Tag!

      1. Favorite thing about winter?
Bright, crispy winter mornings. When the air is nipping at your nose, pinking your cheeks and you can see every breath as you stand at the bus stop.

2. Scarves or Beanies?
For 20 years I have argued against wearing a beanie of any kind or colour, I just don’t think I have a head for hats. So picture my surprise when I not only tried on several hats…but bought one too. I bought a really simple dark purple bobble hat from Asda a few weeks a go and I have to admit, it keeps my head so so warm – and with my hair down it actually looks pretty cute! I’ve been told I look like a New Yorker wearing it – I’ll take whatever compliments I can get!

3. Favorite holiday movie?
My favorite holiday movie of all time has to be Naional Lampoons Christmas Vacation, but I talked about that over in the Christmas tag, so lets talk about my 2nd favorite film – it’s a tie between The Holiday and Love Actually. I watch them every Christmas and they just leave me feeling all warm and fuzzy, I mean who doesn’t want to believe in the magic of a Christmas romance? Both films are huge heart huggers with all start casts, fantastic soundtracks and lots of laughs with just a touch of the serious business about them.

4. Favorite winter nail polish?
Navy is one of my go-to winter colours, so I’ve been loving Covent Garden by Nails Inc this year. It’s a really rich dark navy, almost bordering on black under some lights. Throw in a silver glitter accent nail (glitter of choice at the minute is from the Ted Baker, Paint the Town tin gift set). My nails are really short at the minute and this colour works very well on them!

5. Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink?
Hands down – Chocolate orange soya hot chocolate. That is just all things festive in a red cup, I don’t even want to know how many I’ve devoured since they released them this holiday season!

6. What are your top 3 winter essentials?
Top of the list has to be good old traditional Vaseline. Just the original one in the little blue tin. This stuff is a life saver – and not just for your lips! I find I get really dry skin around my nails, elbows and heels during winter – a layer of Vaseline on these areas before bed works better than any moisturizer I’ve ever tried!
Next up is Benefits Total Moisture – this super thick face moisturizer makes the perfect night cream, even for someone like me with oily skin. It re-hydrates my skin as I sleep, undoing all the damage that the cold weather and central heating has caused! (See my review here!)
Last but not least, I would have gotten nowhere this winter if it wasn’t for my black boots from Schuh. These mid calf length boots are so comfortable and warm. The puddles fear me for a change! Rock them with a pair of super skinny jeans and an over sized jumper and that pretty much sums up my entire winter wardrobe!

7. Name one item on your wish list this year.
I say this is on my wish list but I don’t actually know if I mentioned it to anyone but, I would love to find The Great Gatsby under my tree this year. I’ve yet to see the film but I just know it will be right up my street!

8. Favorite holiday song?
Let’s go with 2nd favorite again…Merry Christmas Everyone – Shakin’ Stevens. I can’t help but get up and dance wherever I hear that song!
9. Did you go Black Friday shopping this year?
I looked online at a few deals but nothing really took my fancy. I’m one of those people who will just buy things in the sale because they’re, well, in the sale! I’m trying not to do that as much this year so I’ve got my eye on a few treats that I’ll be watching the price of in the Christmas sales!

10. Must have winter lip product?
See my top 3 winter essentials above – you really can’t get better than original Vaseline (blue tin). It keeps my lips super soft through the whole season!

11. Will you be rocking an ugly Christmas sweater this year?
Yes! Ginger and I bought some a while a go from Primark when we celebrated our ‘fake Christmas’. I’ll be rocking it in work for Christmas Eve too!

12. Have you ever had a white Christmas where you live?
Yes! Though I think I much prefer seeing them in pictures and on television than living through one myself. The problem with the UK and snow is that they have no idea how to get a long. The UK comes to a stand still and that’s just no good when you’re trying to run around and celebrate the season!

13. Favorite winter candle scent?
I actually didn’t end up getting a specific holiday scent this year, I went with a traditional cosy vanilla scent and have been loving it the season through. Vanilla to me just smells warm, perfect for chilly winter nights.

14. How will you be celebrating this holiday?
With my family. Lot’s of gift giving and food, Christmas specials on the tv and a cheeky tipple or two. I can’t wait! I just want to really kick back and relax! (Even if I do only get 2 days off work!)

I tag you!

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas gift guide for bloggers

Gift Guide for bloggers

1.Twitter Mug (£10)

How cute? What blogger wouldn’t want this sitting on their desk? I love the hash tag handle, such a perfect touch. It makes a great stocking filler for any blogger or twitter addict.

2.Juice Box (£24.95)

So many bloggers now use their tech to blog on the go, from instagramming to tweeting, making notes or even short videos for YouTube, their smartphones become a small blogging lifeline. To keep that lifeline ticking along you need to keep your power bar in the green and you don’t always have your charging cable to hand or an available outlet to plug into. That’s where the little juice cube comes in. These are great, handy and come in a variety of different colours. With one of these little magic boxes you can give your smart phone one full re-charge so you can keep creating content on the go.

3.GoDaddy Domain name (£2.99)

The next step for any upcoming blogger is to get their own domain name. I bought my own a few months a go and it really did make me feel like an official blogger – and you can give that gift to any bloggers out there you might know! There are tons of domain name providers but I went with GoDaddy on the recommendation of other highly successful bloggers and I haven’t looked back. They provide a great, easy to use service, their customer service rocks and they have some of the most affordable domain names online. They also put together great bundles if you want to buy multiple names and they do big discounts the longer you purchase a name for (anywhere from 1 year to 20+). The blogger in you life will thank you tenfold for this gift!

4.Twitter name necklace (£22.09)

Your name becomes your brand and identity when you venture into the blog-sphere and what better way to advertise it than with a personalised necklace? Perfect to wear at meet-ups or fun to just wear out and about, it puts a modern spin on the classic Carrie name necklace.

5.Twitter name pendant (£10.10)

A little more understated than the necklace, you can carry your online identity with you on this cute little pendant. Perfect for keyrings, bag tags, anywhere you can think of. This makes a cute gift for any upcoming social media star. I actually think I prefer this one to the necklace, it’s a little more subtle!

6.Custom Blog Design (£18)

Let's face it, not all of us can be graphic/html wizards - I know I certainly am not! So why not enlist the help of a professional to really spruce up your loved ones blog this Christmas? You can get some great deals over on Etsy like the one above which pretty much includes everything your blogger will need to make their pages pretty. You can also purchase pre-made blog designs from the likes of Wonder Forest that are quick and easy to install. 

What will you be buying the blogger in your life this Christmas?

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas at the Liverpool World Museum

For our staff night out this year we booked ourselves into the Liverpool World Museum, they where hosting a Christmas party which included a cocktail reception, 2 course dinner, unlimited alcohol and soft drinks and entertainment. This (so I’m told) is the first year they have held a Christmas party at the museum, but they have been holding them over at Liverpools Maritime Museum for some time. I couldn’t find much of anything online telling me what to expect (let’s face it, as much as we love surprises, we google everything these days!). Christmas in the museum – it sounded like a brilliant idea to me!

The event was for up to 500 people – 49 of which consisted of my colleagues. That’s a lot of people to have in one venue. It cost £49pp, the majority of the money made goes back into the museum which I think is great! The event was held almost nightly for over 2 weeks!

Happy Dino-mass!

Arriving at the museum we walked up a pink carpet and checked in – no wrist band no entry (the wrist bands where given out a couple of days prior to the party). Once inside the main foyer we were greeted with cosmopolitan cocktails and bottled beers. The cosmo was ok but very very sweet and didn’t taste alcoholic at all. It was nice enough but I couldn’t have had more than one it was just that sweet. After milling around in the museum foyer and checking our coats we headed up to the 2nd floor, the bug floor, where the party would be held.

Sadly, it wasn’t in the exhibit itself. None of the exhibition areas where open at any point of the night which is sensible but a shame. It would have been great if we could have gone up to the planetarium! On the 2nd floor they have a really large open space that once housed the temporary city library. This was where the party would be held. Inside it was much bigger than I remembered from its library days with large round tables everywhere but not cramped on top of each other – massive bonus there! They had two sections set up and each section had its own bar and carvary station. The dance floor was pretty huge too. 

The tables where decorated simply but it still looked lovely. Each table sat 10-12 people and you got a cracker and party favour box between two people. How does the seating work? On your way into the room there is a big seating plan on the door telling you what tables your party has been allocated. They did a great job keeping the tables near each other and you just sat yourselves how you liked once inside. Once the table appeared full and settled you where invited to go up and get your first course – a full Christmas roast dinner. Your meat selection included beef, turkey and ham and you could have a slice of one or a combination of all three which I thought was great. I went for the ham and beef and both where delicious. They served up all the trimmings, gravy and cranberry sauce – and you could help yourself to Yorkshire puddings which where probably the nicest thing on the plate (I might have helped myself to one or two too many!).

Throughout the meal and the rest of the evening they had staff walking around all the tables carrying bottles of red, white and rose. They where happy to top of your glass whenever you asked and it meant you didn’t have to go anywhere near the bar for a drink. The bar staff where great, very efficient and helpful. They had a great deal of spirits and mixers on. On tap they had Stella 4 which you could get by the pint or pitcher.

After the main meal dishes had been cleared away we got a choice of dessert; Christmas pudding or chocolate yule log. I went with the yule log and it was great. I got a huge, thick slice which was a surprise and it was really nice. I did get to try the Christmas pudding too which was full of fruit and very yum! Im pretty sure it was served with a white brandy sauce too.

They did attempt to get some party games on the go but there were very few takers. Most people were too interested in their own groups, food and drink which is no surprise! Party games skipped over, the music went up a notch and everyone hit the dance floor.

Around 11pm they served up a late night snack of crusty rolls with a choice of bacon or cheese. They where delicious and just what you needed before heading home! The bar closed around midnight and the music kept going till 1am. The evening had started at 7.30pm so it was a really long, but enjoyable night and for the price you can’t fault it! I would highly recommend it if you’re organising your offices next Christmas night out – I have a feeling we’ll be back next year!

What did you do for your works Christmas night out this year?

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christmas Tag

  1. What's your favorite holiday movie?
National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! Hands down! Thing is, nobody else seems to love this as much as my dad and me! We watch it a couple of times over the holidays and it just never gets old or boring!

  1. What's your favorite Christmas color?
Got to be red! I love that really rich festive red, it just looks like Christmas!

3. Do you like to stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas Day?
I don’t really ‘dress up’, but I don’t sit around in sweats all day either! Usually a casual dress/tights combo!

4. Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas day! Don’t think I’ve ever seen a present under the tree before then!

5. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
Nope L But I have been eyeing up the kits in John Lewis and I am so so tempted to go buy one, I just don’t know where to keep it once it’s all set up!

6. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
See friends, eat, relax, eat some more…I don’t really get a Christmas break in the wide world of work so my 2 days off don’t leave me with much time to do much else!

7. Any Christmas wishes?
I’d love to see snow fall only on Christmas Day – then be gone by boxing day!

8. Favorite Christmas smell?
When my Mum bakes her traditional bun loaves that she hands out over Christmas – it’s all fruity and cooked brandy goodness!

9. Favorite Christmas meal or treat?
Making late night sandwiches with the left over meats from roast dinners over the holidays, nothing tastes as good as that!

10. Which holiday do you celebrate?

11. What are you doing for the holidays this year?
Staying home with the family. We’re going to have a really cozy, laid back Christmas this year. Food, films and board games, I love the simple things about the holidays!

12. What is your favorite holiday drink?
Starbucks peppermint hot chocolate!

13. Candy cane or gingerbread men?
Candy canes! I eat gingerbread men all year round!

14. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Mariah – All I want for Christmas is you never fails to put a big festive smile on my face!

15. What is the weirdest gift you've ever received?
I really don't know! It must have been so weird I've blanked it out from my memory!

16. Have you ever made a snowman?
Yes! He actually lasted a pretty long time too!

17. What is at the top of your list this Christmas?

18. What is most important to you about the holidays?
As cheesy as it sounds, just spending lots of time with friends and family. Work and everyday life gets in the way the rest of the year so Christmas is a great excuse to make more time for each other!

I tag you!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas in the City

Nothing beats putting on lots and lots of layers and heading into the city center to take in the festive spirit. Be it battling the Christmas crowds outside Primark or strolling up the high street admiring the Christmas lights, it's all just so festive and wonderful!

Liverpool is just one of those cities that come alive at Christmas, from festive Lambannas to decked out bars and gigantic bows on multistory car parks - even The Beatles are wearing their Santa hats up on the Hard Days Night hotel. I've found myself doing more of my Christmas shopping in the city center this year than ever before because I'm just been enjoying the atmosphere so much! From Liverpool One to the Metquarter, up Bold Street and through St Johns gardens, everywhere you go it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Here's just a few quick snaps of the decorations up around the city! 

St Georges Hall
Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas Tree in the heart of the city centre!

Christmas confetti explosions!

Giant reindeer!

Festive trees at Liverpool One

Lights and market down the high street!

More lights down the high street!

How does Christmas look where you live?

Happy Holidays!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Birchbox UK December 2013 - Merry Birchbox!

Merry Birchbox everybody! I do love a good subscription box at Christmas time – so lets see what festive goodies Birchbox UK had to offer this holiday season!

Coming home to a Birchbox under the tree, it was like having a mini pre-Christmas! This months theme was all about sparkle and shine, with products to do just that throughout the festive month. 

Number 4 non aerosol hairspray
I’m really intrigued by this, anything that’s good for my hair and the environment goes right on my to-try list. I’ve got the big works Christmas party coming up this weekend so I’ll be giving this a test run and seeing if non-aerosol hairsprays are the way to go!

Nail Rock nail glitter
I did almost pick up at Ciante nail glitter kit the other night so I’m glad I held back and saved the ££. I got a really Christmas tree green glitter in my Nail Rock box, not really a colour I usually go for and the glitter is closer to the size of sequins than the glitter I’m used to! I have a feeling this is going to be a messy experiment. The varnish is clear, nothing fancy there. It does feel like a really cheap version of the Ciante ones so maybe I won’t be so happy I held out on buying one.

Twistband hair tie
I love these fabric snag free bands, I bought a bunch from Prairie Charms a while back and they’re amazing! They last longer than normal elastics and are great for my hair! This one’s from a company called Twistband. It’s really thin and is nowhere near as strong as my Prairie Charms bands, it wouldn’t hold a pony tail but it would work well in the end of a braid. The quote card is really cute though!

Delarom acquaconfort mask
Can’t go wrong with a face mask, and with the party season fast approaching we need them more than ever! This one boasts hydration and the restoration of suppleness and vitality – perfect for the morning after the night before I’d say! 

Alima Pure luminous shimmer eyeshadow
I love the colour of this, it’s a really nice brown/taupe shade with lots and lots of sparkle! It’s right up my street. I love mineral eye shadows; they are so build-able, making them great from both day and evening wear. I got the shade Paris

BeeKind body lotion
A nourishing non greasy body lotion with fresh lemon, and boy do you smell the lemon! It actually reminds me of a lemon scented bathroom cleaner we have, so that’s a little off putting! It dries really nicely into the skin  though. What I really love about this product is a portion of the proceeds go towards protecting the honey bees and their environment. I’ve seen some amazing eye palettes this brand is releasing next year and I’m really excited! I’m a sucker for a good cause!

Baublebar gift card
This is probably the most exciting thing in the box! Baublebar are finally launching in the UK and I’m really excited! This $20 is roughly £12. I’ve seen so many pretty things on there already, it won’t take me long to find something shiny to purchase with it!

What did you get this month?

Happy Holidays!

Monday, 9 December 2013

My little Christmas Tree

Aside from our main family tree (post upcoming!), I have my own little 4ft Christmas tree in my bedroom that I've slowly been building up a collection of decorations for over the last few years! Nothing beats a cozy winters night curled up in bed with the twinkling of mufti-coloured fairy lights at your side, it keeps yo feeling so festive! I don't have a plethora of decorations up in my bedroom but I do have my trusty tree!

Here's a quick look at some of the decorations gracing the branches this year. I've mostly gone for baubles baubles everywhere this year with just a few special exceptions!

This beautiful pink extra large Tinkerbell bauble was picked up at the Disney Store in the Florida Mall a couple of years a go! I love its colour and it's size, it's the biggest ornament on the tree! Originally my tree was nothing but Tinkerbell ornaments!

Shoes on a Christmas tree? Why not! Walt Disney World have released the most gorgeous selection of character themed shoe decorations this year. They're so different ad a little un-traditional, I love it! Here's the Belle shoe.

Obligatory Tinkerbell shoe!

This Tiana shoe from Princess & The Frog is just too beautiful!

One of my all time favourite ornaments on my tree! This is the 2010 'Secret Santa' by Lenox, a beautifully crafted porcelain Tinkerbell. I'm pretty sure it was limited edition too. It's so delicate and dainty!

Because everyone needs a 28k gold plated Cinderella carriage on their tree, right? This ornament is so precious to me and so fragile! I'm worried eveyr year I take it out the box!

Walt Disney World released these character themed Mickey ears about 2 years ago, the collection is astounding and we've managed to collect just a few. I purchased this Tangled one for my tree 2 years ago, it's one of my favourite Disney movies wth a brilliant soundtrack!

I've collected quite a big of Figment memorbilia over the years, he's become my little creative mascot, after all he is the Figment of imagination...get it? My parents brought this one back for me this year, it's the first Figment Christmas tree ornament we've ever come across!

Baubles! I picked this retro looking set of 6 character baubles up in the UK Disney Store post-Christmas sales for about £10! Bargains! usually these reside on the family tree but my parents didn't use them this year so I decided to pop them on my tree instead. 

My first ever Disney bauble collection was this 12 pack of classic Disney movies baubles. It includes Lady & the Tramp, Beauty & The Beast, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and Dumbo to name just a few.

What's on your tree this year?

Happy holidays!