Monday, 3 September 2012

Top 5 - Must do Foods!

I like my food I won’t deny it, and I’ve gone on I don’t know how much about how I love dining in Walt Disney World, from counter to table and the popcorn stands in between, food is a big part of our trips. Free Disney dining makes it even more enjoyable and allows us to eat at so many new places on property, opening up more dining options than ever before.

Each trip I always like to throw in a new dining experience, which is hard when you travel with some fussy eaters and can take some coaxing to step away from the chicken strips and try something new! But usually, I manage to get at least one in there – the beauty of the free dining plan; if you don’t like it, at least you haven’t had to pay for it! (OK, so at table services you are paying the tip but it’s a lot less than the entire bill!)

Our upcoming trip is no different, we have a couple of advanced dining reservations (ADRs) at some never-before-tried locations and I have big plans for those snack credits!

So what are my upcoming trip must-do-foods?

1.       Cup cake crawl – I don’t have the tolerance for a round the world drinking tour, but cup cakes I can stomach by the truck load!  I recently came across this post over at the Disney Food Blog and wow! Just look at all that confectionary goodness! White chocolate, red velvet, peanut butter, spiced apple…my mouth waters at the thought! What better way to experience the cake offerings of Walt Disney World than an unofficial crawl around resorts and parks! The Disney Food Blog gives a great plan of munching attack, giving you the best opportunity to sample some of the best! Challenge accepted!

2.       Via NapoliNext to cake my all time favorite food has to be pizza! I’ve been wanting to eat here since it opened, those traditional wood smoked pizzas, with their and tossed bases and various cheesy gooeyness look delicious! This place has been getting rave reviews for it’s fresh food, and authentic gelatos! I’ve heard those Italian wines are pretty good too!
3.       Sleepy Hollow Refreshments – updated their menu towards the end of 2011, introducing some interesting waffle sandwiches! I love me a good Mickey waffle for breakfast but here in the UK, we don’t generally make a spicy chicken sandwich with them! If I can’t brace the chicken waffle sandwich then I’ll substitute for a fresh Nutella waffle sandwich! Everything tastes great with Nutella! (Except maybe the spicy chicken!)
4.       Teppan Edo & the Katsura Grill -  I’ve been trying to convince our group to eat here for ages and finally succeeded! Score! Teppan Edo combines great food with an entertaining table top cookery show, whilst Katsura Grill offers Japanese cuisine at counter service prices. I’m looking forward to their vegetable pancake and green tea swirl cake!
5.       Victoria Falls loungenot so much a food-do as a drink-do! My last trip to Walt Disney World, I promised myself a stop by the bar, those brown leather chairs, dark wood flows and the sounds of Boma alive below, it’s so inviting – but my invite got lost somewhere between extra magic hours and not enough hours in the day! So it’s a will do for the next trip! Give me something that glows!   

What's on you're food-to-do list?

Until next time,

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