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Big groups get hungry too!

Could you feed a large Disney dining group on Mickey bars?
How many Mickey bars would feed your group?
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What’s the best Walt Disney World restaurant for…big group dining?

When you’re planning for a large group traveling to Walt Disney World everything becomes so much harder – especially planning big group dining!

Most big groups touring Walt Disney World tend to split off into smaller units as the day goes by, eventually meeting back up for shows, parades, fireworks or food! Counter service locations are pretty easy to work with, with places like the ABC Commissary offering a wide variety of choices, you’re sure to please just about everyone in the group.

Sit down meals can be a little more difficult. Not only are the menus more limited, space can be a problem too! As delicious as those sandwiches are at The Plaza in Magic Kingdom but could you really, comfortably, fit a party of 10 in there? If you don’t mind splitting the group up then it could work anywhere, but when I talk about big group dining, I’m picturing everyone around the same table!

Boma at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Buffet style dining is a great way to cater for every palette in the group. Boma is a great location serving up all American favorites with an African flair. From traditional chicken tenders to curried sausage and the infamous zebra domes, you don’t need me to tell you how mouth-watering it all is! Not only do they have a great food choice, the place is spacious to boot and they have no issues around catering for large groups. Long tables and large circular booths are available and due to the layout, it’s easy to push a good few tables together to seat larger dining groups without feeling like you’re on each others knees.

O’Hanas at Disney’s Polynesian Resort

If evening diners time it right you can get a great view of Wishes from the window seats – they even pipe in the music! O’Hanas is a buffet again (do you see where I’m going with this?) served family style. Family style means the food is brought to your table on large skillets – want more of something? Just ask your server and they will top you right up! O’Hanas has these great, large round tables too – everyone gets to face one another and be involved in the over dinner chatters about the day!  

Via Napoli
If you’re looking for a non-buffet option and an all round pleaser, pizza is always going to go down well! I’ve heard rave reviews from the large touring groups about Via Napoli. They’ve been able to seat whole groups together and all the food came out at the same time! Meal timing for large groups can always be a sore point, nobody wants to start without anyone else but they don’t want their food to go cold either. Via Napoli seem to get their timing spot on – and who doesn’t love pizza?

Where would you suggest for big group dining at Walt Disney World?

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