Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Discontinued Disney

Last week the Disney Parks Blog announced the upcoming end to ‘the magic, the memories and you’ night time spectacular that lights up Cinderellas castle with fancy lighting, visual effects and images of park guests from the day’s photo pass picture takings. I have to say, I’m a little disappointed – I never got to see the show the whole way through!

November 2011 was my chance (and I’m pretty sure it had a Christmas theme going on at the time) and I stupidly decided to go and get ice cream from the Plaza – the queue wasn’t overly long and I was convinced I’d have time to grab out tasty treats and be back in our spot before show time. The odds were clearly not in my favor that night! I was able to order quickly, but must have waited over 20 minutes for my order! Unusual; especially considering this was a quieter time to visit Walt Disney World! By the time I got my ice cream and made it back to our viewing spot (which we’d been camping out for ages, ‘the magic, the memories and you’ was gearing up to it’s big finale and I’d missed the whole thing! *insert a very grumpy face here*

They changed the show seasonally and seeing the Christmas one would have definatly been the on I’d have picked to see. Damn my sweet tooth! 

The final ‘the magic, the memories and you’ show will be on September 6th, after which, Disney’s new, ‘celebrate the magic’ (continuing with the overall ‘celebrate’ theme that’s been around the parks for a while now) will debut. So far, it promises to be similar to it’s predecessor, a fancy light and visual display using the Castle as a canvas, but incorporating more of the Disney characters and musical choreography (I’m thinking Osbourne lights style?).

“The show will be full of emotion and storytelling, proving that, with imagination and magic in our hearts, anything is possible.” Disney Parks Blog 2012

That could mean an end to the photo pass images being displayed on the Castle which I’m not too bothered about, from what little of the show I saw and the videos I watched on You Tube, the photos weren’t that clear unless you staked out a ‘you-have-to-sit-and-wait-3-hours’ spot right behind the Partners statue! Maybe that is just me!

I’m glad their incorporating more storytelling, going right to the heart of what Disney is all about, and it will be interesting what tales they weave. Though I’m sad I missed out on ‘the magic, the memories and you’, I’m looking forward to ‘celebrate the magic’.

This got me thinking; what other shows do I miss from the parks? My all time, number 1, undefeated champion of the discontinued Walt Disney World shows is…*drum roll*

Tarzan Rocks!
You’ll be in my heart, no matter what they…replace you with! I absolutely adored this show; it was the perfect combination of Phil Collins hits, gorillas on roller skates and some fender bending guitar solos. I was devastated when it was discontinued and replaced with Nemo. I’m a big Nemo fan but that show only stands to remind me of all we lost with Tarzan Rocks. It’s a colorful air-con break that’s failed to win me over 100%.

What discontinued shows or parades do you miss?

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