Friday, 20 July 2012

To infinity and beyond!

43 years ago today on July 20th 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the Moon! In honour of this epic anniversary I thought I'd take a look at some of Walt Disney Worlds spacey-offerings! If you're in the parks this weekend then go and celebrate the lunar landing at some of the following attractions!

To infinity...and beyond!

© Saloca in Wonderland

1. Spaceship Earth

It had to be first on the list! Not only are we taken on a journey through some of humankind’s' most extreme advancements and discoveries in language and technology - we are treated to a jaw dropping, eye-popping spectacle at the very top of the 'golf ball'. From the rotating earth to the ceiling of stars and galaxies, you cannot help but feel transported billions of miles above the Earth's surface. My favorite part though is the backwards decent through the twinkling LEDs!

2. Mission: Space

source: Sam Howzit
It's not quite a trip to the Moon but, who doesn’t want to walk through command central? Who doesn’t want a spotlight shining down upon them with Gary Sinise calling you ‘Captain’? I love the giant zero gravity wheel depicting life aboard the space station; we would all love to try eating our cereal upside down just once! Maybe that’s just me though! I love all of the plaques along the last stretch of queue, especially some of their future astronaut predictions! And then, we get to the ride – I’m an Orange team member myself! Spinning round up to 2.4gs, between blasting off and landing on the red plant there is a real adventure to be had!

3. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues

© Saloca in Wonderland
No space themed post could be complete without the ultimate adventure in space-aged travel this side of Endor! Since its refurbishment in 2011, Star Tours offers guests and galactic passengers a choice of 54 destinations and ride variations in spectacular 3D (the new glasses are all kinds of awesome!). Climb aboard your StarSpeeder 1000 at the space port after meandering through the Ewok Village and see just how far across the Galaxy you can go!

So are you on the Orange team or the Green team?

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