Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Plan of attack!

We are due to go on holiday in a few short weeks now and feel as if I have a mountain to climb before I close the door and jump in the taxi on my way to fun, fun, fun. How do you deal with the sorting, packing, shopping and the big clean (so the burglars don't think you're a slob!)  
I am sure there has to be a better way than running round like an idiot in the last 3 days whilst my head is too excited to think straight! 
Do you have a plan of attack?? source

I’ll admit it; those last few days before jetting off are probably the most exciting next to booking a trip and arriving! I love packing my suitcase, making those last minute checks, reservations and checks again, and you know me – I have a few traditions thrown in there too!

It gets all kinds of crazy around the house before we head off into the magic and the last thing you want to do is head off without your head! I always find the best plan of attack is to make a list – in fact feel free to make several! I generally keep the list in my notebook that goes everywhere with me, but I will keep a copy on my phone too – one or the other is always to hand! These tend to be to-do lists, mixed in amongst my packing, hand luggage, documents check off etc!

Plan of attack!

Day 3

Washing, ironing and packing! Keep your packing list to hand, checking off as you go – anything you don’t have by now you still have time to go and get OR simply make a note of to buy once you reach your destination. If you’re a toiletries Queen like me then your bound to have a few bits and bobs that can’t go in until the last minute but don’t panic! Just pack everything you know you are not going to need until you reach the other side. I also start putting my hand luggage at this stage too!

Day 2

It’s time for the big clean up! Pop those pre packed suitcases in a corner and get those rubber gloves on. Give everything a good scrub, catch up on any non-holiday clothes washing and make some space in your Sky+ by watching your programs as your iron and dust. It’s hard balancing all of this whilst working too so if, like me, you’re limited to post 9am – 5pm hours then you might not want to go on a full out spring cleaning endeavor! Tidy round, straighten up and put those valuables in a safe place!

Day 1

Aha the night before departure! Now’s the time to get those last minute bits into the suitcase, check and re-check the important documents and passports and keep them all in the head of the party’s hand luggage. For me this is also when all the beds get stripped and fresh bedding put on – there’s just something really nice about coming home to clean linen on the beds! It can be a pain to get all those sheets washed and dried so treat yourself by not bothering with the ironing and leave it until you get home! This is also when you’re going to want to plug in all your chargers for any electrical items you’re taking with you. I pack all of my chargers in the suitcase but put my phone charger in the hand luggage just incase I encounter a long delay!

With everything packed, cleaned and good to go there should in theory be little room for stress to creep in and spoil your pre holiday mood. Working through my lists for the tasks to be completed each day really do make it easier – and there is something super satisfying about seeing each task crossed off and the to-do list get smaller and smaller – it’s the best anti-stress method pre-holiday!

But the best way to keep your head on it’s shoulders before you step out the front door is to just breathe! As long as you have the passports, tickets, money and small ones in tow then anything else you need you will be able to get at your dream destination! Don’t panic if you have to leave a few damp socks on the clothes ring – just hand it up in the cupboard!

Give yourself the chance to let the excitement wash over you – remember where you’re about to spend the next couple of weeks! 

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