Monday, 16 July 2012

Cabana bay

After Disney announced they would be creating family style suites at their newest resort, Art of Animation, I wondered how long we’d have to wait before others decided to jump on the suite-mobile!

Unsurprisingly it wasn’t too long!


Guest Room
Universal has announced plans to build a fourth resort near Islands of Adventure, ‘Cabana Bay’ is set to open 2014. Designed with a budget conscious traveler in mind, traveling with a larger group, the hotel will offer family suites sleeping up to 6 guests, and also offer standard rooms sleeping 2 – 4. With it’s vintage feel of old style American car-cations, it aims to bring back the nostalgia of the time, with it’s clean lines and a bold colour palette, including vintage d├ęcor it is sure to give you that, ‘just off the highway’ feeling.

The resort will offer two uniquely themed pools and spacious themed areas for guests to relax in after a long day at the parks. I’m presuming it will have some sort of onsite food court too but I haven’t heard much on that yet. They will offer transport to the Universal theme parks and guests will be able to take advantage of special early entry days (think Extra Magic hours at WDW). One thing they have stated is that guests of Cabana Bay will not be eligible for the ‘front of line’ express passes they guests at their other resorts receive.

I can see where they’re coming from, those who are paying top $$$ really want to feel like they are getting something out of all those extra dollars, and of course, Cabana Bay guests can purchase the express passes – though no word on if they would get a reduced rate, which I think would be a good idea! There has been some grumbling about the exclusion of the complimentary passes but you can’t please everybody.

Main Lobby?
I’ve got to admit, as much as I enjoy visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventures, I’ve never had the urge to stay at their resorts. Don’t get me wrong, they look lovely, and if you’re doing mostly Universal parks then I can see the appeal. It’s the price that has been the main culprit in putting me off though and with no quick access to International Drive without a car, I imagine I would feel pretty cut off and ‘trapped’ up there!

“Oh, but you stay on Disney” I hear you cry, but, there is so much more to do throughout Walt Disney World compared with the Universal Resort Area – and remember I’m coming from a no-car approach here!

I’d look into possible doing a few days in the Universal Resort area on my less Disneyfied trips but I couldn’t imagine spending two whole weeks there!

Have you stayed in a Universal hotel? Was it worth it?

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