Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What's in your park bag?

Before I start I just want to clarify that I do not travel with small children or children of any age, those that do will probably need to pack a bit more than what Im suggesting (I’ll find a way to cover that at some point!)

I’m one of those people who always have a bag, be it at home or on holiday, I always have one! I’ve noticed a lot of people asking lately about what to take to the parks on a daily basis, especially those who can’t get to and from their resort quickly if they’ve forgot something! So I thought I’d give a little run down of what I take into the parks, it might be of some use to you!

Lets start with the bag itself. I’ve gone thorough so many over the years and had more than my fair share of bag-sasters! From too small to too big, to the infamous ‘fanny pack’ aka ‘bum bag’, broken straps, leakages and so on – if it can happen to a bag it’s happened to me! I’ve tried all kinds of recommendations and even though it’s took a while I’ve finally managed to settle on something that works for me!

Back in 2010 I purchases a Walt Disney World canvas drawstring bag. The bag I’d originally brought with me met an untimely end at Universal that day so I needed a replacement. It was the closest to usable the Zawadi Marketplace at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge had to offer, I paid around $20 for it.

I love this bag! It has enough room for everything I need during the day, dries quickly if it gets wet, thickly woven straps that are extremely durable; as it is a material bag; it folds down to fit nicely into the belongings bags on all rides and can even comfortably stay on my back during some rides too!  

So now I have the bag, what do I put inside it? It’s pretty much the same everyday unless we’re going to a water-park;

·        Sunscreen
·        Frozen water bottles (also keeps your back cool!)
·        Snacks
·        Purse
·        Mini first aid kit
·        Hand sanitizer
·        Bug bit relief
·        Lip balm

The biggest thing is probably the water bottles but once the bottle is empty I’ll use it to fill up from fountains for the rest of the day, it saves me a fortune as I’m constantly drinking water!

The mini first aid kit really is tiny, it generally consists of a few plasters and some paracetemol – if I need anything else then I will head to a first aid station!

Of course, there are other things it wouldn’t hurt to bring along, like ponchos if you’ve had / are expecting rain. We’ve been caught out a few too many times in the parks and you’re looking at close to $40+ for ponchos! If you plan to have some handy (not just for rain but for water rides too) I’d suggest bringing them from home as you’ll save a fortune!

Sunglasses will be in one of two places; my face or atop my head. My camera goes in my pocket as I’m always taking pictures!

Of an evening, I will switch to a much smaller bag, usually just taking my purse and camera out with me!

I like to take as little as I can get away!

What’s in your park bag?

Until next time,

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