Friday, 8 June 2012

Twas the night before departure...

Well, the time has finally come! The suitcase is the packed, hand-luggage zipped up and my trainers are by the door ready for my 5.30am start tomorrow morning!

The last few days have revolved around last minute shopping, booking my Busch Gardens transfers and finalising the 'loose' itinerary I've got in mind. I've double checked and checked my tickets, passport, insurance and dollars and will probably do it several times more! The night before a trip is always a slow moving evening of staring at the suitcase and hoping I've not forgot anything!

The weather hasn't been great on either side of the Atlantic these last few days. Here I am hoping to leave the rain behind in merry old England but it looks like I could be flying straight into it! I've been in June before and usually there would be a shower or two in the afternoon, only brief and they dried up so quick you wouldn't know it had happened. So far this month that hasn't been the case and the reports I'm getting back are not brilliant! Looking at the predicted forecast it should start to get better after this weekend so cross your fingers, toes and tongues for me and send some pixie dust wishes too!

I've packed an umbrella...just in case! And I might pick up a poncho or two too!

Plan for tomorrow - up around 4.30am, out the door by 5.30am. We should reach the airport for 6.30am and check in will be ready and waiting for us. I've never flown Monarch before and also haven't been able to pre-book my seats so hopefully we get a good spot! Straight through security and off for breakfast at Frankie and Bennys - Yum! A little duty free shopping, some magazines and meal deal then it's sit back, relax and wait for the gate to open! I love spending those few hours at the airport, even before I'm on that plane I feel like I'm on holiday!

I've set up some scheduled posts whilst I'm away but if I get a good enough WiFi connection I will try and do a few updates!

Take care and I'll see ya'll real soon!

Until next time,

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