Friday, 15 June 2012

Top 5 - Disney Resort Guest!

I love staying on Walt Disney World property and have been lucky enough to do so many times! A lot of people always ask me is it worth the price, automatically assuming that because it’s Disney then it’s surely going to be expensive. Now, I won’t lie to you, compared to the price you might pay for two weeks on International Drive it will look pricey, but you’ve got to keep in mind that what your paying for as a Disney Guest and what you get for that money compared with what you might save staying off property.

Here are my top 5 reasons to stay on Walt Disney World property!

  1. It’s all in the theme work!

Where else will you find an African game lodge or an exotic Polynesian beach in Central Florida? You might just think of your hotel as a shower and bed for the night, but it can become so much more than that, it can become an experience within the experience! When I’m sitting around the fire pit at Disneys Animal Kingdom Lodge listening to traditional tribal stories, for a moment I forget where I am, everything around me tells me I’m in the heart of Africa, from the sights and smells to the sounds of the animals across the savannahs, I have been transported half way around the globe!  

Even little things like the sound of Dory singing ‘just keep swimming’ right underneath you as you splash about in the Big Blue pool over at Art of Animation resort? You just can’t beat little things like that!

  1. Transport

In all my years of traveling to Walt Disney World, I’ve never rented a car – not once! I can hear you gasping but it’s true, we’ve just never needed one! With free complimentary guest transportation to all Disney parks, water parks, resorts and Downtown Disney – there is nowhere you cant get to on those busses! No hassle to find change for toll roads, no parking in the back of beyond, no getting lost or arguing with the sat nav, I just board my bus, sit back and relax until I reach my destination. Some people think having a car gives them more freedom but I can honestly say I have never felt confined or like I cannot get somewhere – ever! Never worry about getting back to your resort; the busses never stop until every guest has got back to their resort!

  1. Magical Express

source: auntie_rain
For those of us flying into Florida and not renting a car, our magical holiday begins as soon as we step off the plane! As a Disney resort guest we can choose to have somebody else collect our bags as we make our way through the airport, be personally greeted and escorted onto a waiting coach that will take us straight to our Disney resort! It really does make you feel like a VIP or should that be, VIG – very important guest!

  1. Disney Dining Plan

Since Disney started offering free dining to Resort guests, we have been able to try some absolutely scrumptious restaurants that would never have made it into our budget! Free dining saves us well over £1000 every trip! I’ve eaten at so many different locations over the last few years and when the offer is on that’s when we are most enticed to book another Disney holiday! What we save on dining we can put towards our accommodation or air fare.

  1. Extra Magic hours

One of the biggest draws to staying on Disney property, especially during the peak seasons is the extra magic hours. Every day there will be one park that opens a hour earlier just for Disney resort guests, or one park that stays open for up to 3 hours after the park has closed to all non-Disney resort guests! These extra magic hours give you the best chance of getting in a few extra goes on your favourite – and what can be better than Big Thunder Mountain at 2am? I find I get more done in the morning extra magic hours but there is something pretty cool about any park after closing time!

What do you love most about being a Disney resort guest?

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