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It looks like Drew Careys ‘Sounds Dangerous’ has finally closed it’s doors over on the ABC Sound Stage in Hollywood Studios. It’s been pretty out dated for sometime, especially with its airplane-esq head sets and it’s sound trickery can be found on countless mobile applications. I admit it was a great way to escape the heat for twenty minutes or so, but apart from that, it didn’t add much value to Hollywood Studios.

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Its been said for too long a time now that Hollywood Studios really needs some attention. Toy Story Mania and the updated Star Tours have helped breathe a few puffs of life into the park, but I still think it needs more! Hopefully they will (at some point) go ahead with the Monsters Inc themed ride and bring in more Pixar related rides. I’d love to see ‘Up’ brought in – think Flights of Character in Downtown Disney but instead of the hot air balloon it’s the infamous floating house. That would be awesome and give amazing views!

 The Great Movie ride is a classic, but it is desperate for an upgrade! Now that Disney has the rights to Marvel, they could refit the whole theatre with a journey through the super heroes – that definatly has a massive fan base and longevity. And as much as I love Indiana Jones, that show has been around a long time and the space is so massive the could put on something pretty fantastic. I even think it’d be great if they did some seasonal rotations over at Beauty and the Beast and gave some of the other princesses the stage OR, how about a …medley? Disney on Ice shows have been a huge success and could easily be adapted for that Broadway style stage!

Most of the money and effort right now is going into the Fantasy Land expansion in Magic Kingdom, and over at Animal Kingdom they are due to break ground for Avatar Land in the not so distant future. It feels like Hollywood Studios is being forgotten about and it really is one of my favorite parks! Who doesn’t love the movies? They have so much to play with; it is easily the most updatable park with new films out all the time! Next to Epcot, it has the most potential for updating on a regular basis and people really do love to see things (OK, most things) updated – we all love something new to come back to for each trip!

I imagine Sounds Dangerous will be used seasonally – at the minute they’re using it for signings and events during Star Wars weekends. The space would be great for a fully immersive audience participation show and most of its much-needed updates are technical give or take a few coats of paint!

What would you like to see on the ABC Sound Stage?

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