Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Look at this stuff...

...isn't it neat?

Unfortunately my collection is nowhere near complete!

source: lorenjavier
If only I knew what I was collecting, then maybe the memorabilia would make more sense!

It's safe to assume that after just one trip, you'll come home with more goodies than you realised, and after several trips those goodies will have doubled, quadrupled and before you know it you're over run with park merchandise, those tangible memory makers from trips gone by...and for those with little kids I can only imagine how much you've come home with over the years!

In the beginning I was a 'plush and pin' collector, completely swept up in pin trading mania and if it had 'Limited Edition' on the backing card then of course it was coming back across the Atlantic with me. Plushes where mostly special even / limited edition and they where all pretty small too so that wasn't so bad. The pins are all packed into a large over-filled trading book!

At the same time as 'plush and pins', the infamous and legendary Christmas ornament collecting started - though I blame my mum for that one! And that's one collection that's never stopped - our tree is quite literally Disney from top to bottom!

As the trips have gone by I've definatly become more 'selective' in what I bring home with me, after all there's only so much space in one house! I always try and make sure whatever I'm brining back now it's either usable OR it's particularly special to me. I've really got into the art work and sketches, especially when the artist is there doing signings. I don't get one every trip but I always have a good old look!

There's always that one collectable you can't leave WDW without isn't there? For some it's a vinylmation, a cap, maybe a new hoodie or character plush but for us it has to be a new Christmas ornament. Our tree is getting pretty full now but we can't come home without at least one dated ornament!

What's your must have merchandise buy?

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