Saturday, 12 May 2012

It's a Celebration!

What will you celebrate?

With so many celebrations coming up over the next 12 months it’s hard to know just what to do to make each and every one as special as possible. Throw in a trip to Walt Disney World on the horizon and all of a sudden the celebration possibilities, layered in pixie dust become ever so appealing. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, anything you can think of, you don’t have to be in the park on the actual day – for most of us that would be impossible (though we can dream right?) but choosing a vacation day, or even just a special meal during your trip, you can celebrate the upcoming (or already passed) event!

Top 5 ways to celebrate at Walt Disney World

1. Photopass Products!

From mugs to seasonal decorations and the luxury photo books, you can turn all of your holiday snaps, including photopass and personal taken shots, into some fantastic gifts! They’re the perfect way to showcase your magical memories and make fantastic gifts for guests of all ages. My personal favorite is the photo book! I love the embossed hardback covers and glossy paper, they look super professional and are very easy to make online!

2. Have your cake and eat it!

Birthday Cupcake @ 1900 Park Fare
You can order specialty cakes through the Disney bakery to be delivered right to your table at any sit down dining location. If you choose, you can also have it delivered to you as in room dining at any Walt Disney World Resort. Having them delivered towards the end of your meal is fantastic though, especially if it’s for a birthday! The lights go down, the music starts to play and the whole restaurant bursts into song and applause just for the birthday guest! Specialty cakes need to be ordered at least 48 hours in advance but if your feeling a little spontaneous, let your server know as you check in and then can offer you a selection of on-hand treats to be brought out in the same manner!

3. Disney Floral and Gifts!
If they don’t have a way to celebrate it then it’s not worth celebrating! Every time I venture over to their site I spend hours ‘oooing’ and ‘ahhing’ over all the pretty gift baskets and floral arrangements. Imagine after you check into your resort, you find your room, open the door and there on the bed is a gift basket of all kinds of goodies from Mickey and the gang. They have some great ‘first visit’ goodie bags for adults and kids, and even some DVC exclusive gifts.

4. Take a tour!

Walt Disney World offer some amazing tours (I heartily reccomed ‘Keys to the Kingdom’) that offer guests a very different view of the parks. Insights into Imagineering, history, guest tales, access to the infamous Utiladors to see what makes Magic Kingdom tick, there is something for everyone (note, some tours do have an age restriction, especially ones that go backstage). Imagine taking in Epcot on a Segway before any other guests enter the park, or taking an African adventure through  the savannah? That’s one celebration treat you’re going to remember for a lifetime!

5. Bag a Button!
We all love a freebie! Call at your resorts concierge desk or pop into Guest Services at any Walt Disney World park and ask them about their celebration buttons/badges. They’ll give you the button appropriate to your celebration and even personalize it for you! Wear it with pride for a day, or every day of your trip if you want to! I’ve had a few of these in the past and have received so many well wishes from Castmembers and even other guests! I even received a few free fast passes and some trading pins!

There are so many ways to celebrate on every budget! Check out the official Walt Disney World celebrations page for even more ideas.

How do you celebrate at Walt Disney World?

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